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June 3 Immigration Court Date

April 22 Immigration Court Date

June 3, 2009
New YorkImmigration Court
26 Federal Plaza
12th Floor, Room 1237
New York, NY 10278
Court Administrator: Star B. Pacitto

9 AM, Judge McManus, Margaret "The judge with the smallest proportion of denials [the most asylum grants] of all the judges for this period was Margaret McManus of New York. She declined 9.8% of her 1,638 asylum requests in represented cases. Judge McManus was appointed in 1991. She began her career in private practice and for one five year period was a staff attorney with Legal Aid Society's Immigration Unit......With an over 90 percent grant-rate for asylum cases, oh that all EOIR immigration judges could emulate former legal aid lawyer McManus . . . the Treason Lobby hopes!"

Rudrakumaran Visuvanathan, Immigration Lawyer
875 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 2309
New York, NY 10001
212 290 2925

I fear political assassination upon return to Nepal between now and the 2010 election because of (a) my ethnicity: I …

An Event Invite From DL21C: This Can't Be Real

Kirsten Gillibrand Is A Good Choice

This is not happening. I think this is a major league technical error. I once pressed a button somewhere and everyone in my Yahoo mail contacts list ended up getting an invite to link with me on LinkedIn. One email back read, I would really like to get back in touch with you, but I really don't know I want to do LinkedIn and Facebook.

Or this is a group account, and another DL21Cer is playing a prank on the honorable Ms. Caputo by quietly adding my name to the guest list. Which one?

Or Ms. Caputo is worried about the future political fallouts from pressing two bogus charges against me, bogus as determined by the New York City authorities: I hired no lawyer. That is going to become really problematic after I win the Nobel Peace Prize next year. Here is a recent email from the guy who only a few days back became Prime Minister of Nepal:

Time To Rally Around Madhav Nepal
Madhav Nepal Would Be A Great Choice
Options For A New Coalition Government

But the t…



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