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Google Video: Bill Clinton

Hands Off Brooke Ellison

Brooke Ellison has the cutest smile.

The other day there was a DL21C event where Brooke Ellison was to introduce Claire McCaskill. And I showed up a few minutes early, and McCaskill was still on her way. There were few people in the room. I naturally walked over to Ellison to introduce myself. She took one quick glance at me and just broke into this disarming smile. I joined in. It was a naughty, prankish smile.

Usually I introduce myself saying, "Hi, I am Paramendra, I am from Nepal." If you say India, people think outsourcing and are alarmed, first thing.

It felt like I had seen her at some other event before. I had recently visited her website.

Then I wandered off onto the floor. When you do that, you usually bump into at least a few young, white males who are huddled into each other, talking perhaps baseball. You read the Do Not Enter sign and let them be. I don't much care for baseball, or football, or basketball. I care, but not enough to know the scores. And I am fine…

Google Video: Martin Luther King

Google Video: Malcolm X

Hillary 2008: Enough White Men

George Washington was a white man. John Adams was a white man. Thomas Jefferson was a white man. James Madison was a white man. James Monroe was a white man. John Quincy Adams was a white man. Andrew Jackson was a white man. Martin Van Buren was a white man. William Henry Harrison was a white man. John Tyler was a white man. James Polk was a white man. Zachary Taylor was a white man. Millard Fillmore was a white man. Franklin Pierce was a white man. James Buchanan was a white man. Abraham Lincoln was a white man. Andrew Johnson was a white man. Ulysses Grant was a white man. Rutherford Hayes was a white man. James Garfield was a white man. Chester Arthur was a white man. Grover Cleveland was a white man. Benjamin Harrison was a white man. Grover Cleveland was a white man. William McKinley was a white man. Theodore Roosevelt was a white man. William Taft was a white man. Woodrow Wilson was a white man. Warren Harding was a white man. Calvin Coolidge was a white man. Herbert Hoover was …

YouTube: Bill Clinton

Movie: Iraq For Sale

Upper West Side Baby Boomers for Truth on Iraq October 9
Movie with Daniel & Judith October 12

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Indians, Indians

I think the Indians are the most successful ethnic group in America is nothing to do with any kind of racial superiority. There are over a billion Indians back there. A few million of the brightest, most educated come over. I am surprised the crowd is not more successful than it is. Why so few Indians in the top positions of government and business, academia and media?

The number one factor is education. These are cream of the crop people for the most part.

It is not fair to compare the top 0.1% of the Indians with the average American. As in, it is not fair to all those Indians who have been left behind. The average Indian has to be compared to the average American, and the relationship between the disparity in income and the differing political infrastructures in the two places has to be tallied.

Talent is evenly distributed, what is not evenly distributed is opportunity.

We have to take pride in our achievements. But we also have to face the fact that we are not doing as well as we sho…