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Black Anger Does Not Surprise, Bother Me, Absence Of Black Anger Would

Slavery was and is something to be angry about. Segregation was and is something to be angry about. Persistent racism was and is something to be angry about. Like Mahatma Gandhi said, I'd rather people engaged in nonviolent action to seek liberation, but if it is between violence and apathy, I'd rather they took violent action for liberation.

This Jeremiah Wright dude is totally nonthreatening. He could not swat a fly if he wanted to. That is what I see on his face. This dude is harmless. From day one I have been amazed with the reaction to Wright. I have watched bemused. He just spoke a few angry words. It is not like he tried to incite violence, or even political action.

Church is where black people gather. And they need an outlet to vent anger. If it is the emotion of anger that disqualifies someone, Bill Clinton is the most disqualified person in America. That guy is prone to intense outbursts of anger on a daily basis. He gets red and blue. He never had a staffer he did not…

Brooklyn Is Africa, Queens Asia, Bronx Latin America, Manhattan Is Europe

Jay Leno: "Well, the State Department announced today the most dangerous place in the world, no longer the Mideast; it is now between Reverend Jeremiah Wright and a microphone."It really is not that clear cut at all. It is all mixed up. But I think it would be fair to say overall that Brooklyn is Africa, Queens is Asia, Bronx is Latin America, and Manhattan is Europe.

This thought hit me a few days back.

New York City is the Amazon forest of humanity. Every possible human life form can be found here. People from every town on earth live in this city.

Shanghai has the skyscrapers, but not this city's diversity. It is a celebration.

Bombay is the New York City of India. Shanghai is the New York City of China.

You put America, Europe and Africa together, and you get India. That is how big India is. India is a very diverse country linguistically and religiously. So Bombay is more like New York City than Shanghai.

Moscow is the most expensive city on earth, it is not New York City.…

Race, Class, Gender, Globalization And 2008

The social issues are all rather hard to deal with. The identity issues are hard to deal with. I don't know what exactly Obama said in San Francisco at a private dinner but he got reported as saying that people in small town Pennsylvania are bitter and so they cling to guns and religion.

Like James Carville said, Pennsylvania is Philly and Pittsburgh, with Alabama in between. And there are no blacks in this particular version of Alabama.

The poor everywhere are extra susceptible to identity politics and prejudices. Guns and religion were there before the outsourcing of industrial jobs, guns and religion were there before industrialization, but people do cling extra tight to them when the times go rough. A lot of people don't know Barack's mother was a cutting edge anthropologist. She did microfinance work decades before Yunus got the Nobel for the same.

The reaction was one of defensiveness. You calling me poor? You calling me desperate? You calling me white? The media churn …

April 29: Arianna

Tuesday, April 297:00 pm
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DL21C's Political Author Series continues with
Arianna Huffington
Editor-in-Chief, the Huffington Post
discussing her new book
Right Is Wrong: How the Lunatic Fringe Hijacked America, Shredded the Constitution, and Made Us All Less Safe
723 Washington Street
A/C/E to 14th Street, 1 to Christopher Street/Sheridan Square
Free for members; $7/non-members
Books available for purchase and signing on-site
More information about Right is Wrong
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The Working Class Are Hurt By Special Interests And Lobbyists' Money

I think it is bizarre that the media is portraying Obama as elitist and Clinton as the candidate for the working class. I do not see the logic.

Obama Clinton Personal WealthMade $4 Million From BooksMade $100 Million From Husband's Speeches To Big, Fat CompaniesDefinition Of Middle ClassMiddle ClassPeople Who Make $250,000 A YearWhere Power RestsWith The People Who Donate $25, $50, $100 A Pluck, Does Not Take Money From LobbyistsNumber One Recipient Of Money From Lobbyists In Either PartyPolitical StyleNew, Positive, Uplifting, UnitingSlash And Burn, 1990s Style
Obama is more likely to deliver on education and health care. He is more likely to bring the gas price down by ending the gouging going on by the oil companies. He is the one who will tame the mortgage industry now known for predatory lending. Why? Because he will answer to the people and the people alone.

The Responsibility Of The Superdelegates

Not all remaining superdelegates have to fall for my guy, but all must cast their…