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Critiquing A Critique Of The Iraq War Critiques

When Cynicism Meets Fanaticism: Critiquing The Critique Of The War In Iraq by Victor Davis Hanson

I just bumped into a blog post where Hanson of the Hoover Institution takes the war critiques to task. He summarizes the main points of the critiques and then proceeds to demolish them. These are the eight empty vessel arguments of the anti-war people, he claims:
1. Saddam was never connected to al Qaeda, the perpetrators of 9/11.
2. There was no real threat of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.
3. The United Nations and our allies were justifiably opposed on principle to the invasion.
4. A small cabal of neoconservative (and mostly Jewish) intellectuals bullied the administration into a war that served Israel’s interest more than our own.
5. Saddam could not be easily deposed, or at least he could not be successfully replaced with a democratic government.
6. The architects of this war and the subsequent occupation are mostly inept (“dangerously incompetent”) — and are exposed daily as cluele…

Obama Votes Nay

“Ironically, after learning today that Jack Abramoff will spend nearly six years in prison, the Senate passed a lobbying reform bill that does little to change the culture that allowed him to abuse the system in the first place. The Senate has missed a once-in-a-decade opportunity to clean up the way we do business in Washington. This bill fails to create an independent enforcement mechanism to investigate misconduct by members of Congress. It fails to stop lobbyists from currying influence by flying lawmakers on private jets. And it does nothing to prevent members of Congress from negotiating for jobs with the very industries they’re supposed to regulate.”So it goes the way of Washington. Obama's first major effort in the Senate did not carry the day. It is like health care and the Senate. It is a big issue for the Americans across the country, but the Senate never talks about it. There is this democracy disconnect between the people and the rulers. The kings on Capitol Hill don&…

Hate Speech, Free Speech: Europe Needs To Learn The Difference

EUleaderswantallimmigrants to take an entryexam Times Online, UK could eventually be extended to all 25 EU members ..... aims to ensure that immigrants accept Western values ...... a new integration contract that the ministers from Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Poland proposed ..... contract would test their knowledge of Western values, and of the host country’s language and main institutions ...... was first raised by Nicolas Sarkozy ........ possibility of introducing English language tests for any immigrant wanting permanent residence in Britain ...... the growth of parallel communities that feel alienated from the West...... This month the Netherlands began applying some of the world’s toughest entry laws, requiring potential immigrants to take language and culture exams and study up to 375 hours in their home country before emigrating....... To prepare them for Dutch liberal values, they will also have to watch a film with scenes of a topless woman and featuring gay…

Bill Frist's Ancestors Came From The Moon

"I've Been To Europe Once, And That's Enough"

My ancestors are from India, they stayed there, I came to America. Bill Frist's ancestors, on the other hand, came from the moon. That immigration was so thorough noone lives on the moon no more. But memories be fleeting. Frist does not remember. He has now come forth with a highly hostile bill that would make immigration a crime. This guy is nuts. It is like making your own birth a crime, if you could only go back.

Bill Frist is part of the crowd that fantasizes every day to turn abortion into a crime. Now they have turned their guns on immigration.

This is reason for the pro-choice and the pro-diversity forces to seek common ground so as to scuttle Frist's presidential aspirations. The guy had no chance in the first place. His future now only got dimmer.

The anti-choice and the anti-diversity people are one and the same.
Kiss Me, I'm IllegalNew York Times "terrorists." ... "illegal aliens." …

Can't Take Back Congress Without Strong On Defense

The Dems are within striking distance of taking back both the House and the Senate. The momenutm is there. It is definite. But 2006 will be yet another lost opportunity if foreign policy is neglected.

(1) Recognize that this War On Terror is genuine, it exists. Think of it as the Long War.
(2) The only way to win it is by spreading democracy into every country in the Arab world.
(3) Spread democracy the progressive way. Come up with a Hexagon (Pentagon, Hexagon). Come up with a concrete $10 billion program to spread democracy through a war with communications technology. Yes, that is 10 billion dollars in spending, but then it is $190 billion saved.
(4) Counter the insurgency, not like they were a traditional, standing army, but like the guerrillas they are.

So far this vision has not entered the Democratic mainstream. The Dems have been like Labor in Britain during the Cold War, for unilateral disarmament, and constantly losing elections.

Rahm Emanuel: Big Ideas For America
Long War
Iraq In…