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Modi And Nitish Might Take Turns At The Helm

English: Nitish Kumar (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Right now Modi has the momentum. And Nitish has gone on record to say he is not even in the running for the top job. All signs show the NDA led by the BJP will stay intact. The media needs a fight. And a lot of the Nitish versus Modi talk might be a media fantassy. But the fight might not come.

The extreme right in the BJP organizations are housed in the RSS, and the RSS is not warm to Modi. Apparently Modi irks the right wingers inside his own party. And the presence of Nitish' party in the NDA makes it less possible for the BJP to flare its extreme right ways and thinking. Nitish' presence means moderation in the NDA.

The Biju Janada Dal just rallied behind Modi and is showing signs of coming back into the NDA. Mulayam recently sang praises of LK Advani. His party has given outside support to the Congress. It might also opt to give outside support to the BJP.

It just might end up that Modi ends up leading not only the BJP bu…

Nitish, Modi Or Rahul?

English: Image of Narendra Modi at the World Economic Forum in India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Nitish is quite possibly the best Chief Minister India has right now: Bihar is growing the fastest of all Indian states. Narendra Modi of BJP has had an impressive economic record in Gujrat for over a decade now. Rahul Gandhi is a scion of India’s Kennedy family, and his party is the largest. Nitish and Modi are part of the same alliance, but there is a sound possibility of a non-BJP, non-Congress front emerging in 2014. Nitish might be the most qualified to be India’s next Prime Minister, and that judgment might be a little tinted because I am half Bihari, and I take obvious pride in him, as I did in Laloo Yadav’s amazing work as India’s Railways Minister. But then Nitish’ party is rather small, and there are many prime ministerial aspirants among the non-BJP, non-Congress parties. Right now it is not even clear if Nitish is even a prime ministerial candidate. If it is simply Modi versus Rah…

Nitish In Ramlila Maidan