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Genocide/Ethnic Cleansing Of Sri Lanka Tamils

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What is happening in Sri Lanka right now makes Darfur, and Palestine, and Zimbabwe and wherever else all pale in comparison. This is brazen genocide. Ethnic cleansing is going on. This is a crime against humanity, but where's the outcry?

The Sri Lankan army has eaten up that country's entire budget, it has snuffed democracy, it has attacked journalism - and I am talking Sinhala journalists - and it has been mowing down Tamils for weeks, months now. This is a democracy gone so insane, it is not a democracy no more.

Sometimes a human being snaps. In this case an entire country has snapped. It has more than lost its way. It has gone criminal.

Hitler did not round up people like this. His crimes became public only much later. People being taken to gas chambers did not know they were being taken to gas chambers. But the Sri Lankan Army is being brazen about killing thousands a day. It has erected an iron curtain around a massive chunk of territory where it has gone …

April 22 Immigration Court Date

April 22: Court Date
April 20, 2009
New York Immigration Court
26 Federal Plaza
12th Floor, Room 1237
New York, NY 10278
Court Administrator: Star B. Pacitto

9 AM, Judge McManus, Margaret "The judge with the smallest proportion of denials [the most asylum grants] of all the judges for this period was Margaret McManus of New York. She declined 9.8% of her 1,638 asylum requests in represented cases. Judge McManus was appointed in 1991. She began her career in private practice and for one five year period was a staff attorney with Legal Aid Society's Immigration Unit......With an over 90 percent grant-rate for asylum cases, oh that all EOIR immigration judges could emulate former legal aid lawyer McManus . . . the Treason Lobby hopes!"

Rudrakumaran Visuvanathan
875 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 2309
New York, NY 10001
212 290 2925

My Prepared Statement

I fear political assassination upon return to Nepal between now and the 2010 election because of (a) my ethnicity: I am a M…

The Final Inch


Onto A Nuclear Weapons Free Planet

Image by springhill2008 via FlickrIf we are a sane species, nuclear weapons will never be used. And nuclear weapons are not a good way to try and see if we are sane or what. They take a lot of money to build, and a ton of money to store. They are scary things to keep around even when not used. For some countries to have them, and then preach others to not have them, that is "nuclear apartheid," not my original phrase. The most powerful person on earth standing for a nuclear weapons free world is likely the biggest boost a non proliferation agenda will get.

I have wondered a long long time as to why someone powerful enough will not take this sane position. Finally President Barack has stepped out. He just reminded me why I came out to support him even before he announced he was running.

In The News

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