Contents 2006

Run, Obama, Run
Laloo Yadav: Future Prime Minister Of India
New York Times: Hakeem Jeffries
The Devil Wears Prada
Obama! Obama! Obama!
Barack Hussein Obama And The White Boys In The Media
Money And Manhattan
Laughing Liberally Brings The House Down December 30
Bushism Means No Talk, All Gunfire, Just Flatten Them Out
Barack: Personal Concerns
Rangel, A No Show
Policy Making The Matrix Way
December 12 DL21C Bash
Obama's Weapon On Clinton: Iraq
Obama Will Announce In January
Kentucky Dude, November 29
Eliot Spitzer For Running Mate
A Woman For Running Mate, Perhaps A Governor
Barack Obama: Time For A Generation Shift
No To Neocons, No To Islamists
Drinking Liberally: Session X
New Orleans: 2008 Democratic Convention
Child Adoptions: My Number One Reason To Be For Gay Marriage
Next Stop: White House
On November 7: In Harlem: For Obama
Democratic Vision For The 21st Century
The Energy Solution: Nuclear Energy
Obama 2006
The Matrix
Events To November 7 Victory
The Audacity Of Gravitas: Restore Intelligence To The White House
Barack Is A Deaniac
Voting Machines On The Upper West
Barack Obama: This Is A New Century
Barack Obama: New Approaches To Old Problems
DFA Event: A Forum On Voting Machines
Switching To Obama
Iraq Movie, Liberally, But Not Drinking
October 5 The World Can't Wait Rally
"First Nancy Pelosi, Then Hillary"
Seaport Diwali
Google Video: Bill Clinton
Hands Off Brooke Ellison
Google Video: Martin Luther King
Google Video: Malcolm X
Hillary 2008: Enough White Men
YouTube: Bill Clinton
Movie: Iraq For Sale
Revver Videos
Indians, Indians
Hillary In The White House, Bill At The UN In 2010
Where Is Da Contract?
Obama In Africa
Advice To Hillary
Race, NYC, Future, Globalization, Internet, Glass, Wealth Creation, Power Creation
Iraq: Dumb War
The South Dakota Event
Famine In South Dakota
Middle East: The Final Map
Nation Building, Israeli Style?
Lamont Victory
Free Trade, Social Segregation, Rising Tide, Iceberg
August 20: India Day Party
Cross Cultural Interactions In A Diverse City
Lamont: The Iraq War Ferment In The Democratic Party
The Thing About Racist Comments
Cloud, Pyramid, Glass
Hillary's Formula For 2006
Right Wingers In Power In Israel And America
Hakeem Jeffries Debate 2
Hakeem Jeffries Debate
Leecia Eve: It’s Time to Reclaim Our Voter Power
Lieberman, Lamont
The Israeli Offensive
America: Number One
Mumbai Train Blasts
August 16
The Dean Machine
Hakeem Jeffries: Principled Compromise
Barack The Glass Walls, Ceilings, Smash 'Em
Three Pillars, Draft 2
Immigration, Duh
Race, A Few Different Angles
DPACNY: The Empire Strikes Back
Dean, DFNYC, Daily Kos, Justin, Brooklyn, Nepal
Hillary 2008
Immigrant Power
May 1 Immigrants Rally: Great American Boycott With Jesse Jackson 3
May 1 Immigrants Rally: Great American Boycott With Jesse Jackson 2
May 1 Immigrants Rally: Great American Boycott With Jesse Jackson
Anti War Rally With Jesse Jackson 4
Anti War Rally With Jesse Jackson 3
Anti War Rally With Jesse Jackson 2
Anti War Rally With Jesse Jackson
The First Major Revolution Of The 21st Century Happened In Nepal
MYD Spring Gala
The Unthinkable: Nuclear Weapons Are Not Made To Be Used
Liberally Tipsy
Eliot Spitzer, Aliza Fatima
Eliot Spitzer
Bridge Activists
2008 Countdown: Hillary-Obama
Immigration Makes Economy Sense, Democracy, Justice, Family Sense
Critiquing A Critique Of The Iraq War Critiques
Obama Votes Nay
Hate Speech, Free Speech: Europe Needs To Learn The Difference
Bill Frist's Ancestors Came From The Moon
Can't Take Back Congress Without Strong On Defense
"I've Been To Europe Once, And That's Enough"
Russ Feingold And 2008
Rahm Emanuel: Big Ideas For America
Manhattan Young Dems
Justin Krebs
Drinking Liberally
Long War
Obama, Ethics Reform, And White Dems
DFNYC, Drinking Liberally, DL21C, Cosmopolity
Karl Rove, Hands Off Hillary
Take It Back: Film
Nancy Pelosi, Speaker
Tom Vilsack, Iowaman
Video Blogging For A Living
Hillary In Person
Iraq Intel: The Spy Who Failed Me
My Four Most Viewed Video Clips
Chairman Dean's 2005
The Larger WMD Question And Iran
Complicated Iraq
Sean Maloney
The Jyllands Posten Muhammad Cartoons Controversy
The Spectrum Concept: Wide Applications
A Different Kind Of Campaign, A Scientific Campaign
A Huge Mixer: Happy New Year
The French Revolution And DFNYC
7 Video Clips: Reinvent The Democratic Party
Primitive Liberals Need To Stop Attacking Hillary
Pat Robertson Is Sick, Anti-Faith
Race, Gender, Progressive, Conservative Divides