The Jyllands Posten Muhammad Cartoons Controversy

A friend called earlier in the day and was surprised I was not aware of this huge global controversy. I must have had my head buried in all Nepal all the time.

But this controversy has to be addressed. This reminds me of the riots in France. Like a friend said to me after those riots: "Europe is worse than the South in terms of diversity."

Is falsely shouting "fire" in a crowded theatre protected by free speech? These cartoons have caused violence.

These Europeans need a major dose of sensitivity training. These are the Trent Lott crowd. They make their racist comments and for the life of them do not understand how their comments are racist.

Hate speech condoned by the leading newspaper of a major European country tells me a whole lot about Europe, and I don't like what I see.

Has that newspaper ever published anything remotely similar on Jesus Christ in the name of free speech?

Defaming an individual can find you at the receiving end of a libel suit. Does defaming an entire religion, and its hundreds of millions of adherents count?

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Anonymous said…
Cartoons "mocking" a religion is hardly racist. Depicting Muhammed may very well be forbidden according to Muslim tradition, but Muslim tradition doesnt apply to a person living in a secular country like Denmark.

"Has that newspaper ever published anything remotely similar on Jesus Christ in the name of free speech?"

Denmark is a secular country. Christianity was bashed and mocked in the 70's until they realised Christian tradition didnt apply to a person living in a secular country like Denmark.