Sunday, July 05, 2015

Hindu Rate Of Growth

आजादी के ४० साल तक भारत दुनिया भर में मजाक बना रहा। अगर जनसँख्या वृद्धि दर भी २% हो और आर्थिक वृद्धि दर भी २% हो तो देश आगे बढ़ा ही नहीं। अगर उस स्थिति में कोई भी व्यक्ति या कारपोरेशन १०% के रेट पर ग्रो करती है तो सीधा हिसाब बैठता है कि गरीब और भी गरीब हो गए। इसी लिए सत्यजित रे के फिल्मों में जो गाओं दिखता है अभी भी वही गाउँ दिखता है।

Population Growth को १% के रास्ते से zero per cent की ओर ले जाओ। आर्थिक ग्रोथ रेट तो १५% पर ले जाओ। तब गब्बर बोलेगा: "अब आएगा मजा खेल का!"

Climate Change, Terrorism, Poverty, World Government

English: Global climate change 2000-2009 and 1...
English: Global climate change 2000-2009 and 1950-1980/ Русский: Изменение средних температур за периоды 2000-2009 и 1950-1980. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Why is it not surprising that all of the global problems only have global solutions? Terrorism is a big problem, but compared to Climate Change, it is a small problem. Poverty is someone else' problem, except it is not. Disease is Ebola. You don't want that.

On Climate Change, there are points of no return. Nature does not hold back. It does not care. It does not care about intelligent life. Or unintelligent life. The threat is very real. The time pressure is very real.

Time for a genuine world government is not 50 years from now. It is today.

After gays, it is guns. That next big liberal goal, to move from insane gun proliferation to sane gun control. On gay marriage they were the party of stupid. On guns, they are the party of insane. That is on the domestic front. On the global front, a 90% reduction in the US defense budget over a 10 year period will just make it an exercise in reallocation of resources. It does not have to be painful economically.

Rule of law within nations, rule of law between nations.

Climate Change does not have any other solution.