Monday, August 29, 2016

I Miss Policy Talk

Hillary Clinton is rolling out a comprehensive plan to address millions of Americans coping with mental illness. She's pointing to the need to fully integrate mental health services into the nation's health care system.

I am absolutely sick and tired of Donald Trump's insults. I wish the two candidates were sparring over policy.

The guy does not know policy.

Hillary Needs To Confront The Sexism

Trump’s new aim: Poison a Clinton presidency

But instead of engaging his conspiracy theories, Democrats respond by attacking his character.

Hillary confronted racism in her Nevada speech. She needs to confront sexism the same way.

The women of America (and the world) don't need to watch a woman get beat up with sexist propaganda. They need to see the woman fight back and win.

Sexism is an ideology, a worldview. It has to be confronted.

Donald Trump Is A Clown

Donald Trump is a clown. If he were to become president he would be a dangerous clown. But he is not going to be. And so he is a dangerous clown.

Donald Trump is the head of the Republican Party for the next four years, duly elected. Nobody can take that away from him. Until someone else becomes the Republican nominee for president, this guy is it.

He is going to lose but he is going to be the country's opposition leader. Nobody can take that away from him.

With Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan both slated to lose their leadership positions in Congress, it is not like there is going to be another claimant to the throne.

Brace yourselves. You are going to be seeing Donald Trump on TV for four more years, likely on his own TV network. This guy is going to make a billion dollars for having run for president.

Donald is Zhirinovsky. Donald Zhirinovsky. Putin sits in a glass house himself.