Long War

This terminology is more accurate, it rhymes with the Cold War. It even has its own wall like the Berlin Wall, and that would be the Israeli Wall. There are going to be many facets to this war.
  • Ultimately it is about peace and democracy.
  • This war will only end after every country in the Arab world has become a democracy.
  • There is a clear military aspect to it. The Al Qaeda is well and alive. And it intends hurt, physical hurt. But this is not a traditional army. They are more like guerrillas than soldiers and have to be similarly fought. You can not really reason with them. You can only defeat them. And human intel might be the missing link in the US defense apparatus. Satellites just will not do.
  • But the primary challenge is not military.
  • Spreading democracy the progressive way, the non violent way has got to be at the center of all efforts. Instead of demonizing the Arabs in the west, it behooves to see them as the frontline soldiers for democracy for their respective home countries.
  • It is not just about spreading democracy in the Arab world. It is equally about expanding democracy in Europe and America to make the west more inclusive than it has been.
World War II, Cold War and now the Long War. Each have had clear military components in the lead. This Long War might give an opportunity to instead master a war with communications technology. Because if you don't, you are practically gearing for a hot war with China. I would think that is a total no no. It is America's blessing or curse - depends on how you look at it - that the oldest democracy will have to take the lead on spreading democracy across the planet. And it just might learn to do it the peaceful way.

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The Democratic Party has not yet come around to seeing this war as being of the same magnitude as the Cold War. Heck, even the country at large is only grappling with it. And the anti war wing of the party has not really channelled all that energy into the idea of spreading democracy the progressive way.

The Republican party's mistake is that it overemphasizes the military aspect of the conflict, has failed to restructure the army to better face a non traditional enemy, and has been otherwise poor in terms of executing the decisions it has taken. You could call it sheer incompetence. The Democratic party's mistake is it is not cashing sufficiently on its strength of the tools of grassroots democracy. The anti war wing sounds isolationist. That will not carry the day.

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