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The Democratic Party is so totally out of power. The White House, the Congress, the Supreme Court. It has been a total sweep by the George W, Karl Rove machine at the federal level. They even have a lock at the state level. Although that tide might be turning.

They now got the Supreme Court for a generation. That is why we need to take over the Congress and the White House for a generation starting with the Congress in 2006. The goofy white males who founded the country referred to it as separation of powers. We progressives need a fundamental rethink. Like when Bill Clinton brought the Democratic Party out of the wilderness in 1992, and Tony Blair did it for Labor in Britain. But they can not be copied. Times have changed. New thoughts are needed.

Strong on defense is key. You can not cede the foreign policy debate to the Republicans and expect to win. The American voters are smarter than that. Strong on defense is first about understanding the War On Terror is the same magnitude as the Cold War. The Cold War was the same magnitude as World War II. Each time it has been about spreading democracy. First it was Japan, Germany, Italy, rest of western Europe. Then it was the Soviet bloc and Eastern Europe. Now it is the Arab world. A total spread of democracy in the Arab world is the only way to win the War On Terror. There is no other way. And we have to offer a progressive way of spreading democracy. The neocon way has been in Iraq. You go in with a false claim, and once you are in, after the original reason for going in no longer holds water, you stay in and invent new missions along the way. In the process, you spend 200 billion dollars, over 2100 American lives, and tens of thousands of Iraqi lives and counting. That is the messy, neocon way. It is expensive, for one.

You also have to ask, what after the Arab world? The answer is so obvious. China is one big landmass with no democracy. But it would be foolish to think in terms of a hot war with China,, utterly foolish, unthinkable.

There has to be a progressive way to spread democracy, and the goal has to be to proactively spread democracy all over the world, all the way until the spread is total. And I believe there is a ready laboratory in Nepal. Nepal is the answer to the progressives all over America. Our Iraq is Nepal. One of the poorest countries on the planet has a vibrant pro-democracy crowd busy like a beehive. Nepal has to be adopted by the Democrats in America. Extend total, moral support. Have all the prominent Democrats in the country issue statements of support. Pump in a million dollars through private sector effort. Provide logistical support. Draw media attention. Nepal needs to be hitting the world headlines and soon. The crowds are out in the streets.

Nepal is how you become strong on defense. Becoming strong on defense is how you snatch back national power. So get behind the democracy movement in Nepal.

We need to do for the Democrats what Newt Gingrich did for the Republicans in 1994. We need a clear 10 point program that all could rally around. That by summer. But Nepal can not wait. Nepal needs your attention now.

Democratic National Committee Chairperson Governor Howard Dean, Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Barack Obama, President Clinton, and all other prominent Democrats need to be issuing statements. Five minutes of your time could make all the difference back there in Nepal. And I would like to take this opportunity to thank Senator Patrick Leahy, the Democrat of Vermont, and Senator Tom Daschle who have gone out of their way to extend their total support to the people of Nepal. Senators, thank you. You are now part of Nepal’s history books for what you have already done. We are so very grateful. And thanks are also due to other members of Congress from both parties who have extended their ears and their helping hands to the cause of democracy in Nepal. Thank you and please continue for the movement has now entered its most decisive phase.

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