I Am Running For Dean 2008 Campaign Chair

I think I am. I think of Dean 2008 every single day. Google my name: I am qualified. It can be said I moved to NYC, the progressive capital, to set up shop, although it has been more like gelling than an outright announcement.

I am old enough, in my early 30s. You could not have hired a 40 plus executive to launch Google. Dean 2008 is nothing less than a Google. This is like launching a Google. You need me. I will hire older CEO, COO, CTO, CFO types if I have to balance it out, duke it out. But not for the sake of it. You need the person with the idea leading the effort. Nuts and bolts are not the primary challenge. What you are looking for is oomph, fire in the belly, and I have it.

I am the only person who has so totally thought it through. I deserve it because I have thought it.

Dean 2008 is like a major dot com startup. Only its impact will be much larger than any dot com ever. A startup does not get launched by a veteran. A startup gets launched by a newbie.

Only a Deaniac can lead Deaniacs. I am a 2004 veteran.

Dean 2008 can not be launched until January 2007, and that is all good. But that does not prevent me from working on it every single day till then. On my own. Howard Dean is an inspiration, and that is all I really need to do my work. And I am really hoping I can make enough money through online marketing and blogging in a residual way by then that I can become a Campaign Chair who refuses a salary. A volunteer might better inspire an army of volunteers.

There is not another Democrat in America who has a strong on defense prescription like I do, and the experience I have acquired by telecommuting into the movement for democracy in Nepal.

I have personally won an election in the South. I think I have a solid strategy to win at least half the Southern states.

I have invented a few concepts that are really going to blow the competition out of the water.

I can do it. I have the talent, the vision, the will, the desire. I am ready as is. I will prepare more.