Bloomberg: No Mr. Security

After the Democrats had their convention in 2004, Bush's Homeland Security chief Tomland Ridge put out security alerts. Four major NYC landmarks were targeted it was said. The information was several years old. Ridge received massive media coverage.

Howard Dean was one Democrat who came out saying this was not a security move, this was political.

Kerry was the first presidential candidate in history who did not get a bounce after a convention. Even Dukakis got a huge bounce in 1988. Whatever Tomland Ridge did, it worked. And it is the strange psychology of the powerless that the Kerry machine actually went after Dean for saying what he said. Those scared of the enemies pounce on their friends.

Now Bloomberg is out playing the same cynical game. I am Bush, Mr. Security.

Have you noticed, every time Bush sinks in the polls or works himself out of the news cycles, he comes swinging with a speech on Iraq desperately trying to blame Saddam Hussein for 9/11. I think Saddam was a jerk and I am glad he is gone, but it is an outright lie to suggest Saddam had anything to do with 9/11. Because you can not nab Osama, you blame it on Saddam who you did nab. That is some logic.

My point being the security threat is very real. The War on Terror is very real. But those politicians who monkey with the security threats to win elections are precisely those who will not lead the country to victory on the War On Terror front. They do the major disservice of desensitizing the public. So where might be a real threat down the line, the people might not respond the way they ought to, and we might all be in for some serious heartbreak.

This is beyond cynical. This borders towards the criminal.

Bloomberg should apologize and cease and desist.

Compete on policy differences, track records, delivery records and leadership styles. Don't play cynical games with security. Go shake more hands and ride the subway more often if you are getting desperate, but don't monkey with security issues.

When it comes to security, do err on the side of caution, but do not be driven by political temptations.


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