The Saudi Royal Family Has Got To Go

The War On Terror is the same magnitude as the Cold War, but it does not have to last 70 or 50 years. It can be concluded by the year 2020 or earlier. And you do that by ensuring a total spread of democracy in a proactive way. Spreading democracy the progressive way has got to be the progressive strategy to win the War On Terror.

The House Of Saud has to fall, it has to get out of the way. Looks like there is a convergence point between me and Osama Bin Laden there. But then disagreements start. How to get there? We disagree. What to do after getting there? We disagree. His strategy of getting there is violent. And he wants to turn the country into a medieval theocracy. We want a Saudi Arabia that is a republic and a democracy.

The idea has got to be to ensure the most sophisticated moral and logistical support to the grassroots, non-violent activists for democracy right there in Saudi Arabia. We are going to give Osama a run for his money right there. We are going to train non-violent activists for democracy like he never trained an Al Qaeda fighter. It is going to be war with communications technology.

King George was wrong for America. The House of Saud is wrong for the people of Saudi Arabia. Monrachies make no sense.

Either a country is a democracy, or it is not, there is no middle ground. And countries that are not democratic need some rapid therapy.

The Arab immigrants in New York City will take the lead, first by aligning themselves with DFNYC, and then by splitting like amoeba to spearhead their own movements. Democracy For Qatar, Democracy For Yemen, Democracy For Kuwait, Democracy For Saudi Arabia, what have you.

NYC is the capital city of the world, and it is going to act like it too.

5 Steps To Democracy

Once the activists can get a critical mass of people out in the streets, all the world's powers need to come around to recognizing them as the new interim government. Start out by kicking out the ambassadors of the old regime.