Pat Robertson Is Sick, Anti-Faith

Your first reaction is disbelief when this guy opens his mouth. Then you realize he is catering to a ready constituency. That constituency votes Republican. Pat Robertson appeals to the ignorance of his crowd. He calculates. The Bible is just an excuse for his bigotry and his stupidity. The apartheid people also quoted from the same book.

The Republican party at its core houses people who are fundamentally hostile to the non-Christian faiths. The Republican party is an anti-faith party.

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Robertson said that Sharon's illness was retribution from God for his recent drive to give more land to the Palestinians. He also claimed former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated in 1995 for the same reason.

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HLT said…
I am a chinese, not muslim nor christians and I personally have nothing to do with this guy(Robertson), so am kinda the outsider... the reason I am against this guys is because I think all the craps he brainwashed the people wit, are all the so-called "modified truth" by him or someone else... and I still can't figure out why still quite a lot of US guys are supporting him...

Look, all the religions want to be more superior over others, either for their teachings or to spread of their believes.. there is no wrong about that... I believe Robertson is planning for that also... But, please, Mr pat Robertson, do you know what is human dignity?? Don't you get nightmares in the middle of night for what you have done and the brainwashings you have given? THOSE ARE SINS!!!

and once I read on the net that he said "... muslims are worst than Adolf Hitlers ... "... PLEASE, give me a break!! I think Mr Robertson has a big brain problem, I suggest him to go for regular check-ups... Just see what have the Zionists done to the palestinians since the beginning of the isreali-palestine conflict? These are all history, they'll never be erased, only being covered up... Just a little research is enough to see the facts like what all the kids can do...