Every legislature in America needs to get a BLAC, Black Latino Asian Caucus. The word in block letters signifies the caucus. The word in small letters is a noun. I am blac.

The world is not white and non-white. Rather it is blac and white. Non-white suggests a lack of something, a missing of whiteness. Blac suggests the embodiment of the rich cultural heritage of the Global South.

Powerlessness leads to infighting. Infighting leads to powerlessness. It is a vicious circle. Ethnic solidarity is all good, but reachouts have to be made, political alliances have to be forged. There is too much at stake.

It is all good that the word blac rhymes with the word black, for the blacks in America have born the brunt of the non-whiteness more than any other group. "The Plymouth rock landed on us," like Malcolm X said.

Identities are social, cultural, political constructs. You have to claim it, you have to create it, you have to forge it. It does not just passively happen. It has to be asserted.

Pride is positive power.

Blac is not a negation of the white. There is a positive, European white heritage. Blac is a positive affirmation of a vast identity. The blac identity has always had the numbers, but power has eluded it for the longest time.

Power is pride. Pride begets power. Pride is the antithesis of self hate, and hence half the battle.

BLAC is political. It respects the separateness of the component groups, but it also brings them together. The leadership has to see the common ground, and the masses will follow.

It is about pride. It is also about strength, the strength in numbers, and in solidarity.


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