The Larger WMD Question And Iran

".....Iran wants to use nuclear technology purely for peaceful purposes, that it opposes all weapons of mass destruction and favors all countries getting rid of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons."

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Iran accuses the west of "nuclear apartheid."

Recently some senior French official was in India promising to help India advance its nuclear energy hopes. But there were conditions. India had to develop more stringent divisions between its civilian and military facilities. Does France have them?

I am for preventing nuclear proliferation. Ultimately all such weapons have to be dismantled. They can not possibly be put to use, no matter who has them, so why have them if not to make some kind of a political statement against the have-nots?

There have been times when the US has discussed using "smart" nuclear bombs to penetrate deep bunkers possibly used by terrorists with "limited" radiation fallouts. Whoever has been talking this talk in the military establishment, you have to ask, are these people sane?

WMDs. The short term talk has to be prevent proliferation. But the long term talk has to be elimination. And the long term talk framework might make short term talk more possible.

In the case of Iran, there is also the issue of helping that country democratize itself. There are strong domestic undercurrents to that effect. We have to find ways to help them.

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Jim said…
How can we help democratize Iran when we can't democratize ourselves?
Mickey said…
...are these people sane?"

Yeah, we`re sane. And paranoid.
I`m an american with an american name. I can say with certainty that the US has weapons for self-defense purposes.
The last time the US ever got "heavy" was when we bombed japan.
See any of those "bombs" going off in viet nam?
Think about it. Iran needs our help? Guess what?
Aint happening.

Jim-true dat.