Complicated Iraq

That Iraq has weapons of mass destruction and those might get into the hands of ruthless terrorists who will not hesitate to use them for a second, that was the official reason the US invaded Iraq.

Democracy is a great thing, Saddam was a bad guy, true, but those were not the official reasons given. And if they are the reasons given now, will the US invade every country that is not a democracy, will it take out every Saddam of the world? If not, why did Iraq deserve the special favor?

Now we know Iraq did not have the weapons of mass destruction, and we always knew it was not Saddam but Osama who was behind 9/11. But 40% of Republicans believe today it was Saddam, and that is why he had to be taken out. Dick Cheney repeatedly made the nonexistent connection while drumming up support for the war. Some say the intelligence itself was fabricated, very much on purpose. Was it? And if it was not, how was it so faulty? It was not a matter of degree, it was like the intelligence agencies reported having found an entire new planet in the solar system. Finally they found the elephant in the room, for once. Only not true.

But if it is about weapons of mass destruction, North Korea went from not nuclear to nuclear on W's watch. Iran is on the march. And Iran sponsors groups across the region that are shady. So maybe it was not about weapons of mass destruction, or even their spread.

And if it is now about democracy, 40% of humanity longs for it. Iraq is but a small slice of that.

And if your official reason for going in is fundamentally discredited, should you not be in a hurry to get out? If that requires a faster training of the local army, should that not be expedited?

I am glad Saddam is gone, and I think it is America's duty to proactively spread democracy around the world, now squarely tied to its very security, but the Iraq way is not it. $200 billion and counting, 2,200 American lives, 30,000 Iraqi lives. That price is too steep on all sides. There has to be another way, there has to be a progressive way.

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Two Dogs said…
The weapons of mass destruction was NEVER the reason that the thirty-eight countries invaded Iraq. It was the violation of fourteen United Nations resolutions and the FEAR of what they were doing since the inspectors were expelled.

Also, in the next few coming weeks there will be reams and reams of NSA stuff that will prove that Iraq relocated those very same WMD's that the Left says don't exist.

And I like the 40% argumnet about Republicans, 100% of Democrats think that you appeal to Muslims and they will react peacefully.

North Korea was given nuke technology from China that came from the Clinton Administration.

As far as your progressive way is concerned, you said that you were glad that Saddam was gone. Please make up your mind. Saddam was/is the Progressive in Iraq.