The Unthinkable: Nuclear Weapons Are Not Made To Be Used

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Those who know me know I don't think too highly of Bush. But Bush just hit a new low with me. Nuclear weapons are not made to be used: end of story. But looks to me like a president extremely low in polls, about to lose a Congress to the American people, seeing desperation in his ranks is ready to pull yet another weapon for the rally around the flag effect. Let's face it, Bush got elected president only on 9/11.

He tried social security, it did not work. He even tried mission to Mars. This is a guy who knows nothing works like war. You declare war and suddenly you find yourself in the stratosphere politically.

Bush called Kim Jong Il a "pygmy" once. I don't think at all highly of Kim Jong Il. But there is a legitimate, proud group of people in Africa who call themselves that name. Could I call someone a Baptist and mean to insult him? Or a Texan?

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Recently when there were riots across the Muslim world in response to the hate speech in the form of cartoons in many Europeans newspapers, including in South Asia right before his trip that way, he gave a speech saying he was about to embark on a trip to a part of the world where people are a little on the sensitive side.

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And of course there is the famous example of Bush 2000 of having accused McCain of having black kids in the South Carolina primary.

Why am I bringing up these examples? I am suggesting Bush is a bigot. Threatening nuclear war on Iran is bigotry. It is irresponsible.

It would have been wrong of Iraq to have used weapons of mass destruction against America. It will be wrong for America to use weapons of mass destruction against Iran. Nuclear war is a no go territory, end of story.

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The mullahs of the Republican Party really got it wrong this time. If America were to declare war on Iran, Iraq will look like a picnic. And Iraq has been no picnic, we know that.

Issuing empty threats is bad political posture on several levels at once. I can now imagine terrorist groups redouble their efforts to try and let loose a dirty bomb in America, a fantassy they have harbored. The neocons might argue if they were already working on it, how is it possible these hawks will only hasten the process? It is possible.

Iran is not a monolithic. It is a large country. Much more so than pre-war Iraq, Iran has a vibrant progressive community that will some day oust the Irani mullahs out of power. Ways have to be found to hasten that process.

To launch a nuclear strike would be inhuman.

The threat is also symptomatic of Bush's lack of political skills. Clinton defused the nuclear crisis in North Korea. He did not do that by threatening nuclear war. Bush is a C student ashamed of his inadequacies. And so he wants to rush to war.

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Now it has become extra important for the Dems to take back both houses of Congress. A president desperately low in polls just might pull the trigger in desperation. We don't want that to happen. Now it has become extra important to try and impeach Bush.

Let me ask some unasked questions.
  1. Why is it okay for America to have nuclear weapons and constantly upgrade them, but not okay for Iran to even have them?
  2. Why is it okay for Israel to have nuclear weapons but not okay for Iran to have them?
  3. Is it because America and Israel are democracies and democracies are relatively more responsible as countries, less likely to use them? Is the idea of having them that you will not use them?
  4. Or if the idea is to use them, under what circumstances can they be used?
  5. Was America a democracy when it last used nuclear weapons? In Japan?
  6. Is it true Iran is years and years away from developing nuclear weapons, even if that is what it wanted?
  7. If a democracy is more responsible than a theocracy, can a democratic Iraq be allowed/encouraged to have/develop nuclear weapons?
  8. What does Iran mean by nuclear apartheid?
Don't get me wrong. I am not for Iran having nuclear weapons. I am for a dismantling of all nuclear weapons in the long run. But these questions have to be honestly dealth with to find a political solution to the Iran crisis. If it is between facing these hard political questions and nuclear war, I vote against nuclear war. Bush is like, I don't want to hold direct talk with Iran, I would rather declare a nuclear war.

The goal with Iran has to be to help Iran achieve its stated goal: nuclear energy.

I say, Impeach Bush. (The "I" Word: Monica And Saddam)

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bush will invade iran to line his pockets like he did with iraq

there were no weapons, it was an excuse, iran is literally over 100 years away from having enough of anything to produce one small's another fear tactic/excuse to do what he planned all along.