Dumb And Dumberer: Creationist Bush

Nothing puts me off like this easy litmus test. I have zero room for creationists. It is like someone said to a creationist arguing evolution is but a theory, so is gravity, so why don't you fly away!

Of course evolution is but a theory, that is the beauty of it. It is a sound theory that has so far stood the test of time, and is always open to the possibility it might get toppled by some better theory down the line, but that "theory" is not never going to be creationism, because creationism is not a theory, it is religious dogma.

So if God created the world in six days, is it six days or is it seven days? The Muslims say it is seven days, I think. So which is it?

The creationism Bush subscribes to is a religious concept propounded by one specific (of many equally valid) religions, or more accurately a sect within that religion, for many within that same religion do not let their minds get befuddled by the nonsense debate.

Evolution is a scientific theory. And so only another scientific theory trying to make sense of the same set of facts can compete with it. Creationism is not it. And so the two can not be said to compete. There is no debate, at least there is no intelligent debate on the issue.

What gets me though about creationists is that their stance on the issue is a symptom they deep in their hearts do not really have room for religious diversity. That is seriously problematic. And so Bush goes on record saying "if there were a law that would make people love each other, I would sign it." Meaning racial strife will just have to be plain tolerated. That is regressive.

Presidents come and go. Charles Darwin stays on.


Sean said…
Didn’t we already do this with Galileo?
Hey, I would just be happy if I thought he could explain what evolution is… but honestly, what do you think are the odds that he could!
Anonymous said…
I completely disagree. Read the collapse of evolution.

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