The "I" Word: Monica And Saddam

Bill Clinton is Pele, someone like him comes along one in a generation perhaps. The guy is good. He was a scholarship student at Georgetown, at Oxford, at Yale Law School. He was a lower middle class person from Arkansas. He persevered.

Ken Starr came after him like a bad dream. Ken Starr destroyed lives. If you were Bill Clinton's friend in Arkansas Ken Starr was going to come after you. Scores got bankrupted, many went to jail because they would not give false testimony to lend credibility to Ken Starr's false stories and charges. Clinton got hounded. His wife got threatened with jail time.

A less lucky Martha Stewart did serve time. She got accused of a wrongdoing that she was never charged with. Instead the prosecutors claimed she lied at one point during her defense. One young white boy from Wall Street testified against her claiming he feared for his life. Martha Stewart is a gutsy, talented, rare, successful woman who got run down by a small bunch of insignificant white boy prosecutors who could not come up with an original thought even if they tried over a lifetime.

Michael Jackson was another person who was recently hounded by prosecutors. The more false details you can make up along the way, the longer the story lives. At the end of the day you are proven not guilty, but the prosecutors get to violate your privacy left, right and center in the mean time. And the crowd gets entertained.

Clinton will tell you of an Arakansas bias. Why did Dukakis not pick him in 1988? Martha is a woman, Michael in black.

Ken Starr was an ideologue. He would stop at nothing. He had limitless supplies of money from the taxpayers. He was going witch hunting. To the crowd it was entertainment. The plot seemed to have endless twists and turns. He hounded Clinton's friends and family with the passion of a Third World dictator. It was rule of law gone berserk.

And Monica happened. Something had to give in. It concluded in impeachment hearings.

Saddam tried to get Bush Sr. killed. Bush Jr. did not like it. I would not either if I were him.

And the Iraq War happened. Only this time you are looking at $200 billion, 2000 American lives, and tens of thousands of Iraqi lives, a nuclear North Korea, and a near nuclear Iran. Who tampered with the intelligence? Was stuff cooked? Was the country deliberately misled in the runup to the war?

Time to say the "I" word?

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