Hate Speech, Free Speech: Europe Needs To Learn The Difference

EU leaders want all immigrants to take an entry exam Times Online, UK could eventually be extended to all 25 EU members ..... aims to ensure that immigrants accept Western values ...... a new integration contract that the ministers from Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Poland proposed ..... contract would test their knowledge of Western values, and of the host country’s language and main institutions ...... was first raised by Nicolas Sarkozy ........ possibility of introducing English language tests for any immigrant wanting permanent residence in Britain ...... the growth of parallel communities that feel alienated from the West...... This month the Netherlands began applying some of the world’s toughest entry laws, requiring potential immigrants to take language and culture exams and study up to 375 hours in their home country before emigrating....... To prepare them for Dutch liberal values, they will also have to watch a film with scenes of a topless woman and featuring gay men kissing.
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These Europeans are going berserk.

There should be designed a course or many courses that all leaders at all levels of government in all of Europe, as well as all journalists at all levels of media, especially in editorial rooms, will be required to take that will teach them the difference between hate speech and free speech, to teach that hate speech might not be illegal, but it sure is wrong, and not something to be protected and be proud of. Those who practice and protect and express pride in hate speech are inherently inferior as human beings. That should be taught.

The cultural fault lines between the West and the Muslim world are being further exacerbated by these ignorant Europeans.

The topic is not that the Arab world does not have democracy, and it needs to get it. Of course democracy is good for all countries in the Arab world. But instead of seeing lack of democracy as a happenstance of socio-economic development, or lack thereof, rather, these Euros see it as an entire group of people being inherently inferior.

Long War

The Dutch example is obscene. Is that "movie" out to suggest that there is not a single Dutch who is homophobic? I can't imagine that being true. So why single out Arabs? Forcing people to watch movies is an expression of a supposition that perhaps that entire crowd is inferior.

There are obvious racist suggestions being made.

The western democracies are inherently inadequate. They need to expand. And that task is as acute as the task of spreading democracy in the Arab world. The west's reluctance/inability/hardships when having to become more accepting of cultural diversity should help the west understand why spreading democracy and the associated values is not easy for Arabs either. If free people can not do it, what chances have the people under the thumb of oppressive regimes often suppoted by the west?

Europe has sinned. These tests are designed to humiliate a people who took offense at humiliating cartoons that were clearly offensive and overtly racist.

This is precisely the wrong way to be waging the so-called War On Terror. White Europeans are out exhibiting their ignorance, if not outright prejudice, which obviously is deep and widespread and infects the highest levels of power.

And this twist only further exacerbates the Middle East conflict. The wounds are real. They need to heal. But instead these people are adding fuel to the fire.

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