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The joke's on Kerry The Register-Guard
Wal-Mart May Aggressively Cut Prices To Boost Sales WAVE
Hillary Clinton Takes Russia Kommersant
Digital Mudslinging BusinessWeek
Barack Obama on Seattle Channel at 8 o'clock tonight!
Seattle Post Intelligencer
Barracking for Obama
University of Virginia The Cavalier Daily Obamam would give the Democrats the best chance to win back the White House. ..... Obama has repeatedly shown a knack for compromise. During that 2004 speech, Obama spoke of striving for purple, rather than Democratic blue and Republican red. In the Illinois State Senate, he was praised for working with both Democrats and Republicans. He has already shown great poise in the U.S. Senate, drawing encouragement from peers to run in 2008. The British journal New Statesman listed Obama as one of 10 people who could change the world. ....... In evaluating the 2008 Democratic candidates, we see that Obama would quickly rise to the top of the list. ...... While Clinton has great name recognition, I strongly believe she does not represent the Democrats' best chance of victory. ...... First and foremost, she is a woman. ..... Second, Clinton is a polarizing candidate. .... The loud ovations he has received across the nation (even in more conservative states such as President Bush's home state, Texas ..... In 10 years, there is no way to know how strong support will be for Obama to make a presidential run. Right now, in 2006, Obama has more than enough support to make a presidential run. ..... asking 1,900 voters about their opinion of national leaders from a 0-100 score. Obama received a mean score of 59.9, the second highest rating overall (only Rudy Giuliani scored higher). Clinton, on the other hand, received a mean score of 50.4, well below Obama and potential opponent McCain who received a mean score of 59.7. ....... Barack Obama represents an incredible hope for both Democrats and the nation.
RJD's Defeat in Bihar By-Polls a Foregone Conclusion: Tiwari Patna Daily
Days to Go: Clinton lends star power to state Dems
San Francisco Chronicle
Russia set to double gas prices for Georgia
Guardian Unlimited
Election looming, US general urges Iraq patience
Reuters AlertNet
Tension looms in Somalia as peace talks collapse
NHL, Google to show games on tape-delay Buffalo Business First
Google says no to license proliferation
Google mail goes mobile Inquirer
India, China soldiers meet to promote border peace
Gulf Times
Yahoo Launches Yahoo Food
Search Engine Watch
Putin maneuvers to keep powerful role in Russia after 2008
International Herald Tribune
Baramati's Gets First Digital Hospital, WiMAX Network
IT News Online
Syria denies plan to topple Lebanon govt.
Seattle Post Intelligencer
US Reports Plot to Topple Beirut Leaders New York Times Syria and Iran were trying to engineer the creation of a new “unity” government that they could control, partly through Hezbollah ...... also indications of “planning for a more violent” attack on the government ..... “Talking isn’t a strategy,” the president’s national security adviser, Stephen J. Hadley, said in an interview late last week before heading to Iraq. “The issue is how can we condition the environment so that Iran and Syria will make a 180 degree turn?” ....... Hezbollah has its patrons in Damascus, and certainly in Tehran” who observe “very few boundaries concerning what it will do and what it won’t do.” ..... Hezbollah might stage a political crisis to bring about the fall of the government ..... if the Siniora government collapses because of domestic political infighting, any change of government may look more like parliamentary politics than a coup. ..... At the moment, Hezbollah, which is part of the current government, is seen to be in a stronger political position than the Washington-allied March 14 coalition, which controls the government and the largest bloc in Parliament. ........ 34-day war ...... Lebanon’s political factions are scheduled to begin talks on Monday to discuss Hezbollah’s demand for a new national unity government, a proposal that two recent polls determined has the backing of about 70 percent of the population. ....... “Love can be deadly,” said the speaker of Parliament, Nabih Berri ...... a speech by the Syrian president in which he said “we have to translate our military victory into a political one.” ......... In addition to the unity government, which would bring Hezbollah’s allies into power, the group wants to amend the election law and call early elections for Parliament. ...... “I don’t buy it,” said Jamil Mroueh, publisher of The Daily Star newspaper in Lebanon of Washington’s statement. “This is a domestic issue, in terms of the wrestle for power.”
Israeli military operation in Gaza continues Xinhua
Date Set for Vista, Office, Exchange Rollouts
PC Magazine
Bird flu to remain major threat for next decade: UN
Khaleej Times
Madonna wants to be known as a humanitarian


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