Rangel, A No Show

December 12 DL21C Bash

I got off the 34 St station off the F train and walked upto the venue. First I went a block east, and then a few blocks west. I expected to have to pay, maybe $10, even $20 maybe. But there was none of that. Even the drinks were okay priced, kind of low. So how does David Pollack make money doing this? Or maybe David Pollack is rich.

It was only a few weeks away - maybe two weeks - when Justin Krebs mentioned to me casually how guess-who-is-state-Democratic-Party-cochair-now-David-Pollack. It was after a guy who lives in Staten Island (read, Not Manhattan) bugged him about maybe Justin should help the guy find some living space nearby. He thought Justin was feeling too comfortable with me, and maybe it was because I also lived in Manhattan (false assumption).

That's not just with white guys. I was in Harlem on November 7, deep into the territory. At a curb, this guy brings his car right next to me at the turn, I am walking, and looks at me through the window and says, "You are lost motherfucker!" (On November 7: In Harlem: For Obama)

David Pollack always struck me as a party kind of guy, but I guess he is also a Party kind of guy. How else would he be state chair?

I walked into the ballroom thinking, okay, so everyone who is someboby among the young progressives in the city is here, maybe. After greeting a few people I knew, and a few people I didn't, I just walked the room a few times, sizing up the faces. Could The Matrix go head to head with these people if it had to? Could The Matrix swallow these people? Could Obama have this crowd? If he could arouse the generational animal, he could.

I wished there were a way to catalogue everyone in the room. Smile for the camera, and here, write down your name and email address. There you go into the database. That would be a way to give David Pollack a run for the money.

There were DFNYC phantoms spread across the room. I remember having serious personal space issues when I was considered one of the crowd. A DFNYC white asshole male was on stage for a few glamorous minutes. I say all this without venom. It is playful. Maybe I should go ahead and say something nasty about Mistry too. The guy noticed aloud that he outdressed me. I went all the way to minus the tie. Then I got rid of the shirt. Then the jacket. I think I like to dress up just the bottom half. I am a true progressive. And I like the color black. It is nothing to do with the African American heritage. Black just looks good on me, I think.

ABCD, American Born Confused Desi.

Leila goes spared. Maybe that will stay, because both sides of her family might get represented on the next Democratic ticket.

Seriously. DFNYC is Windows 95. The Matrix is Windows Vista. I would love to see the entire DFNYC crowd in The Matrix.

And the dance floor. The square reminded me of that scene in Saturday Night Fever (Clip 2). I danced alone. Mild. Just warming up. Workout is Webster Hall territory.

Kristina Hoke was looking good, looking in control. I admire her strength. You should go to one of her meetings. The entire hierarchy knows who calls the shots. She is sharp too. I once tried to get her to let me interview her on camera. When I went online on her, some of the things that showed up were journal style biological sciences articles. Maybe she is one of those rocket scientists.

Krebs suggested I hurry up and get my ticket for the December 31 Laughing Liberally event, or there might be none left. My propensity to do things last minute. I should probably go ahead and get the ticket today. Katie Halper is the most intellectual of the Laughing Liberally comics, and I mean that as a compliment. Some of her jokes fly high, if you know what I mean.

Some black dude mayor from across the water in New Jersey filled in for Rangel. I had never heard of him before. That does not mean the guy is not famous. It means something else.

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