Primitive Liberals Need To Stop Attacking Hillary

Hillary got attacked on Iraq. And then Hillary got attacked on the plantation remark. These liberals have joined ranks with the right wing types who attacked Hillary when she delved into health care in the early 1990s.

Hillary is a woman. I think that is central to who she is. There is no skirting the gender issue. Hillary's person is key to progress on gender relations in the country and the world. It is just that Hillary is smarter and more capable than most men around her, like the all and sundry in the Senate.

Disagreeing on policy is one thing. But then if you disagree with Hillary on Iraq, you, by definition, also disagree with every other Democrat on the Hill who has had the same or a similar position. When was the last time you attacked John Kerry? That is another prominent Dem who also voted the same way. The gender divide becomes so very obvious when you compare how these two leading Dems are dealt with.

If you are a 5 (The Spectrum On Gender), you are still a Dem, if you vote Dem, but that requires you not be hostile to the 6,7,8,9 and 10 people. Otherwise I doubt your progressive credentials.

Liberals can sometimes sink the boat.

My policy difference with Bush on Iraq is he used war as the weapon of first resort. War should be the weapon of last resort, after all other options have been exhausted.

There should be phased out troop withdrawal, but it makes no sense to say come home tomorrow. Hillary is mostly being attacked by people who want all the troops to be home tomorrow, possibly yesterday.

Liberals will simply have to come around to the idea that winning elections is central to the progressive plank. And for that strong on defense in key. Defending Saddam is not how you go strong on defense. We disagree with the neocon way of dislodging Saddam. But then we have to offer a progressive way to dislodge the Saddams of the world. If it is between the liberals doing nothing, and the neocons waging war on Saddam, I am for war.

That does not mean I am for war. But I am for proactively spreading democracy the progressive way. But the isolationist liberals will have none of it, at least not yet. (Nepal Message To Top Democrats) So if you are anti-war, come around to the idea.

Some liberals are addicted to protest politics. They abhor power politics. They actually are against the idea of the Democrats coming into power, or at least they act like it. That defeatist mentality has to go. Shake up, wake up.

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