50% Women Friends, 50% Women Colleagues

A progressive corporation would be 50% women top to bottom. That would be one aspect. But it would not be too efficient to have a quota system. For the political sphere, I think the four concepts can really create a level playing field. And it does so without even identifying the various groups and subgroups. It is a mathematical model that treats each Home Sapien as one unit, and then builds up. Maybe someone can create something similar for corporations. It might even be a mirror image with slight modifications.

In a non sexist world, half of a man's friends would be women. Half the colleagues.

I just posted a blog entry at my Group Dynamics blog that kind of throws light on some of the tools I have worked on the social progressive front: A Few Diagrams. Click on the diagrams to study them. That way they appear larger.

Social progress is tricky. A 6 or a 7 can feel defensive among the 9s. A 5 can mistake himself for a 6. A 10 might make little or no sense to a 5. I think the key is to stay engaged in respectful dialogue.

2008: Some Themes
  1. One person, one vote, one voice.
  2. Total, transparent democracy.
  3. Non-violent militancy.
  4. Face time, screen time.