U2, Me Too

I could not believe it when I read the headline yesterday. My Google News page has a custom section for Hillary. And there was news that U2 had blasted Hillary. I am like, is that a typo? I thought Bono and Bill Clinton were friends, and the Irishman Bono was also grateful to the guy who did some political healing to the pain in the U2 song Sunday, Bloody Sunday, in ways only Bill Clinton could have. Bono was there at the dedication ceremony of the Clinton Library.

U2 is a class act. Don't get me wrong. I am a huge U2 fan. But then so is Hillary. And Hillary's best work lies ahead of her.

Apparently Hillary and some other Senator, Republican, had sold some U2 concert tickets as a fundraiser. Hillary has money: she is a multi-millionaire, and I am happy for her. But it is in the nature of politial fund-raising that you get to raise small amounts from many individuals. And that is all good. That is the democratic way.

U2 should have had the decency to say whatever they had to say privately. They could have picked up the phone. They could have requested a step-back from the Hillary staff.

The statement said, "U2 concerts are only for U2 fans." So who bought those tickets from Hillary at high prices? Not U2 fans? Come on.

The hurt has been done.

Hillary went on a talk show with a celebrity woman friend of her own, invited her to NYC and all that. Hillary will take her around.

Men can be predictable. Men. White men. Whites. In certain situations, they act certain ways.

If you hurt your man friend's wife, is that supposed to make that man think you and him are closer than him and his wife? That would be immature.

And there is this whole crowd thing.

Bill Clinton is a rare leader. He really makes the crowd come alive. The crowd is a virus at low temperatures, there but not moving. And Bill Clinton comes along, and raises the temperature, and the crowd comes alive. And the crowd starts having sex and money thoughts. And Bill Clinton is just vocabulary, bearing the brunt of all that talk.

And there is this another weird thing. Happened to both Amitabh Bachchan and Bill Clinton. The crowd so loves you, it has to constantly look for the other woman in your life. Because, if you love your wife, you could not be returning back the crowd's love. In Amitabh's case, it was Rekha in the press.

The crowd is a cloud, at best passing. Genuine affection only comes from intimate relationships.

Hillary said on the show, "Bill Clinton is a husband you want to keep around for 30 years because he does the dishes." Looks like the Man from Hope is hurt.

Bono, what did you do now?

Like the JFK daughter Carolyn asked Jackie Kennedy when a bunch of Nobel Prize winning physicists rang alam bells on apparent White House unconcern on atomic weapons: "What did Daddy do now?"


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