The French Revolution And DFNYC

If this were 1789, and a revolution were going on in France, and DFNYC/DFA existed, would the organization sit around idly, unawares?

Well, there is a major movement going on in Nepal, but DFNYC does not notice. It is not exactly like the movement in Nepal depends on DFNYC for anything. But for someone like me who has been working full time for the movement in Nepal ever since I moved to the city seven months back, when I show up for a DFNYC event, it feels like such a disconnect. People are sipping beer, making small talk while Rome is burning.

I have kept offering Nepal as key to the strong on defense message for Democrats. So far I have not made much headway. But I am confident my message has oomph.

But for those who just want to sit back and relax, I have another option. I work closely with two young bloggers in Kathmandu who are the Nepali diaspora's window into the street demonstrations in Kathmandu. So click and watch. This is the real thing.

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mole333 said…
It is hard to energize Americans to pay attention to other nations. We are self-centered. I have my overseas projects as well: one in Latvia trying to save a synagogue that dates back to the 1840's and that was one my family used before we moved to America, and another, more ambitious project where I am trying to coordinate a large, integrated, grassroots development program for East Africa.

People are very interested in hearing what I am doing, but it is hard to find anyone who has the time, attention and resources to help accomplish these projects. And I often am asked why I don't put that effort into projects here in America.

Many Americans don't even travel much WITHIN America, let alone overseas. So to most Americans, overseas problems seem so distant that it may be something that "the government" can deal with, but people feel that they can't do much as individuals.

I have been interested in Nepal since I took a seminar class on Hinduism when I was in college and the professor focused on Nepalese Hinduism because that was where he had done his research. But it is hard even for me to focus on Nepal when I feel so drowned by American problems and projects in Latvia and East Africa, not to mention my own life. Even before reading some of your diaries, I had considered looking into how to help Nepal. But so many other things got in the way.

From what I have seen, DFNYC, a new and still small group, has enough trouble focusing on issues outside of Manhattan. They are doing their best and I admire the leadership if DFNYC considerably. But they are overworked just trying to focus on NYC issues, let alone national, let alone international.

You may be right about the importance of Nepal. But maybe DFNYC either isn't the right group to help you or, more probably, it is to early in the history of DFNYC (some 2 years old!) for it to be able to be effective internationally. I have been working with them simply trying to build a coalition to fight the corrupt Democratic machine in Brooklyn and so far we have been pretty ineffective right in our own neighborhood. Not COMPLETELY ineffective since we helped get Margharita Lopez Torres elected, but we have failed in many other races from Norm Siegel on.

Just my opinion.
Anonymous said…
This is hilarious... last time I checked, DFNYC stood for Democracy For New York City. Um, why WOULD they get involved in or even care about something going on in Nepal? That's just ridiculous and borderline insane.

DFNYC is a branch of Democracy of America. They are what is called a "local chapter," meaning they focus on local issues. End of story.
Anonymous said…
"....last time I checked, DFNYC stood for Democracy For New York City..."

There are a lot of New Yorkers who are from Nepal!
Anonymous said…
"That's just ridiculous and borderline insane."

To suggest the Nepali New Yorkers are not DFNYC territory is inane and ignorant, to say the least.

But this blog post is not a plea for help from DFNYC. I have made that very clear in the blog entry itself.

This was just a reflection on my experiences with my Nepal work and DFNYC events.