Barack The Glass Walls, Ceilings, Smash 'Em

Barack, verb, to break the glass walls and ceilings
Barack Obama is hot today. He is old enough. He will still be hot four and eight years from now. But he is hot today. He is ready for prime time. He was ready in 2004. That is how he got introduced to the world.

Barack Obama spent part of his childhood in Indonesia. He does not feel foreign to me.

Barack Obama is biracial. He is not African American. But then his father was African, his mother American. He is more African American than the African Americans.

Barack Obama is blue, Barack Obama is red, Barack Obama is white. Barack Obama is black. Barack Obama is yellow, purple, green, magenta. Barack Obama is loud.

He will be 47 in 2008. John Kennedy was 42 when he became president. Martin Luther King was 35 when he won the Nobel Peace Prize. Bill Clinton was 46 when he became president.

You have to want to become president if you want to become vice president. A vice president is, by definition, someone who will be president should something happen to the president. It is important to have the oomph. Having the talent is not enough. You also need a burning desire. You need fire in the belly. And so I think Barack Obama needs to start amassing the bells and whistles.

Barack is black. Hillary is a woman. Both are amazing, outstanding. I don't think that is an accident. It has taken something extra for people like Barack and Hillary to make it into that ultimate white boys' club, the US Senate. They must feel the extra need to stick to their respective collective identities. Black. Woman.

Hillary has her last chance in 2008. If she does not run, she will not get another chance. If she does not win, she will not get another chance. And it will be a long time before another woman comes within striking distance of the top political job in the world.

Barack is ready, but people think he should wait. Hillary is capable, but people think she can't win. As if the country needs to grow up a little more to be able to digest some black guy, some woman. Such people don't understand what leadership is all about. You don't wait for the country to grow up. You help the country grow, you make the country grow. You become the reason the country grows. Or you are not a leader, you are someone hoping to become a constitutional monarch.

But this really is not about breaking the race and gender glass walls and ceilings. That will at best be a byproduct. The real deal is the real deal. It is about the new century and all its promises. It is about Hillary and Barack being the best possible vessels to take the country and the world into the new century.

It is Hillary Obama 2008.

It will be Hillary versus McCain, and Hillary will win. Obama's presence on the ticket will help neutralize the gender factor that some think might be a drag on Hillary. But this is not about race, this is not about gender. This is about offering the very best we have to offer.

Hillary is the first letter in the word hope, and Obama is the second.

And Mark Warner would look great in the cabinet, perhaps as Education Secretary. I got to meet the guy last night.

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Justine said…
At last. Someone with a sense of optimism. I'd love to see a Clinton/Obama ticket. Interesting reference to Obama's first name...I hadn't known it's meaning. Daily Kos was full of woe and misery about the prospect of ever having a female president. I found it to be a depressing read (as a woman and feminist). Some of the comments were ill-informed and should have been better researched. One said that Margaret Thatcher only made it to the top in the UK because she was appointed by the conservative party not elected. They forgot to add that as head of the party selected by party members anyone voting conservative in general elections at that time knew that if the conservatives one a woman would be in power. She survived at the top for a long time. Some mentioned Ireland (my own country) as having a woman President - this is true, the current and previous President were both women altough the role is mostly as a figurehead and not a leader (although they have some limited powers to refer Bill's for oversight by the SC). We have had lots of women politicians inc. the first MP ever elected to the UK Parliament - pre-independence. Our deputy prime minister (Tanaiste) is a woman - this is the second most powerful position in government. Here's to hoping for a more diverse political future!

(as for Kos by the time I finished reading all the comments I was too depressed to post any view on their site.) I'll bookmark yours instead.
Justine said…
if the conservatives won rather. Sorry.