Immigrant Power

May 1 Immigrants Rally: Great American Boycott With Jesse Jackson 3
May 1 Immigrants Rally: Great American Boycott With Jesse Jackson 2
May 1 Immigrants Rally: Great American Boycott With Jesse Jackson

This is the civil rights movement of our times.

This is not an angry mob. I attended the rally here in New York City on May 1. It felt like a festival.

The Hispanics who can vote have enough power to pull along the Hispanics who can't. (Blacks, Hispanics At The Core Of The Democrat Rainbow Coalition) The voting Hispanics are the swing voters. They are not the majority vote, but they are the swing vote. Where they go, electoral victory goes.

This is not about trying to convince the white people, although that it is. This is about expressing Hispanic solidarity. This is about honing the message. This is about organizing. This is about marching.

Immigration Makes Economy Sense, Democracy, Justice, Family Sense

People who work jobs and pay taxes are entitled to vote. They should be entitled to vote. Legalization not criminalization is the way ahead.

Down with those who threaten GOP backlash. The GOP don't have the power to shut these people up. Backlash? Bring it on. See you in November.

Someone's got to do the economic analysis on why immigration is not only welcome - that has been the only way for America to grow - it is desirable. It is immigration that gives the American economy its edge. Shut immigration, and this economy loses its edge. Americans who have problems with immigration are like a car having problems with gas. It is the gas that runs the car.

In the era of inevitable globalization and free trade, immigration is but a welcome byproduct. We do want people to move around if they want to. You can't block the internet. You can't stop globalization. People are on the move. You can not have globalization of goods and services but not of the people. You can't cherrypick.

The Hispanics are in the lead. The Africans, East Europeans and the Asians need to jump onto the bandwagon. Strike while the iron is hot. Now until November is the time.

No taxation without representation: voting rights for the 100,000 Nepalis in America.

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Anonymous said…
This is NOT the United States of yesterday. The world is changing and the U.S. needs to get with the program. We are no longer isolated from the rest of the world, nor can we be, no matter how high a wall is built. Change is inevitable, even in the United States. This whole immigration issue has really hammered this point home. If not the Hispanics, then another minority population would have done the same. I agree with your comment: "The Hispanics are in the lead. The Africans, East Europeans and the Asians need to jump onto the bandwagon. Strike while the iron is hot. Now until November is the time."
If other minority groups would use this time to let their voices be heard, imagine what could happen?
Yes, laws need do need to be followed, but did anyone tell that to the Native Americans when their lands were overrun? Everyone says this is not a "racist" issue, but racism is part of it. Minorities should be seen and not heard, Someone has to take the lead, if change is to occur, at all. We are watching history in the making much like the Civil Rights movement of the 50's and 60's. Americans used to be eager to take up the cause on their own. Now, it takes a group of immigrants (illegal or not) to throw it in our faces. We have grown fat and complacent in our own little American Idol bubble, while life goes on elsewhere. Wake up America, the rest of the world is knocking!