One Blog One LinkUp One Atom

Blogger allows that. So every Organizer of a MeetUp/LinkUp would have a blog, and all participants of that MeetUp are invited to become members of that blog. And so the meeting literally never stops. It is at that blog that you can read the agenda a few days before the MeetUp.

After getting a Blogger account to join the LinkUp blog, a member can create a personal blog or more using the same account. Having a Blogger account is kind of like having one of those email accounts, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, what have you.

This way there is virtually limitless space for policy talk. And the policy discussions during Face Time will be more informed.

That will also free up time at the MeetUps. We could use that to make sure the MeetUps stay within the hour. If people were to know MeetUps last only an hour, more people are likely to show up.

More free time would also mean we could use that for team building exercises. Ice breaknig exercises. Let's get to know each other exercises.

We could get really creative.

One blog per MeetUp would also mean the leaders in the organization could really get a feel of the larger group on their own schedule.

A blog plus a MeetUp/LinkUp would thus be the building block of the nationwide DFA organization. This is transparent democracy.

Instead of minutes, we could have a volunteer take pictures of each MeetUp. The enthusiastic ones might even snap up video highlights to post online.

This synergy will really help us communicate with MeetUp groups across the country.

Star LinkUp Organizers could hope to receive a national audience. Kind of like having your own TV show.

The LinkUps would feel more national that way.

The social bonding would get enhanced.

Screen Time does not take away from Face Time, it contributes to it.

This idea would also lessen the pressure on the Pre MeetUps, and the After MeetUps. Such gatherings could then afford to be more social and less business.

For members to get to know each other as individuals is important.

Audio, Video, Photos.

Once we have this unit going, we could then work on the blogalaxy idea. This is one star. A galaxy is many stars.

From atoms, you can make molecules, compounds, and bigger things.

A LinkUp plus its blog is the atom.