"I've Been To Europe Once, And That's Enough"

That is a Republican congressman in Sid Blumenthal's book The Clinton Wars, a product of the so-called Gingrich revolution. These stunted white males are so xenophobic, they will not even spare white Europe. What chance does Mexico have?

Amazon.com: The Clinton Wars: Books: Sidney Blumenthal
The Clinton Wars, by Sidney Blumenthal
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Salon.com News | The Clinton wars

Criminalizing immigration is criminalizing the birth of America, it is criminalizing that which gives the American economy its edge, the wood that keeps the fire burning. The suggestion is like the idea of criminalizing abortion.

Some say the Repubs are just trying to appeal to their base, it is just politics, that they understand. No, I don't understand. Show me their base so I can wash it away.

Where are the other Dems, progressives, liberals when you need them? This is how Hillary is going to earn my loyalty. She gets it instinctively.

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America is not a white country. It is a democracy, the ideal is of human equality. Family values don't stop at the borders. It is a country of immigrants.

You can't be for free trade and asininely hostile to immigration. Free trade is about saying interaction is a good thing. Immigration has to be maintained at a steady influx if this country is to stay young at heart.

These idiots derive their sense of identity from relapsing into an imagined purity that America has never had. White at its core is a highly balkanized identity.

Immigration is a good thing. It dare not be ended. It be better managed. It may not be criminalized.

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Anonymous said…
One was not enough for Americans in Europe. We had to save them from themselves in World War I and World War II.
Qwarto said…
Thanks for coming to save us from ourselves.
How does it feel today being saved from yourself with foreign money (everyday 2.000 million dollars)?

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