Bill Frist's Ancestors Came From The Moon

"I've Been To Europe Once, And That's Enough"

My ancestors are from India, they stayed there, I came to America. Bill Frist's ancestors, on the other hand, came from the moon. That immigration was so thorough noone lives on the moon no more. But memories be fleeting. Frist does not remember. He has now come forth with a highly hostile bill that would make immigration a crime. This guy is nuts. It is like making your own birth a crime, if you could only go back.

Bill Frist is part of the crowd that fantasizes every day to turn abortion into a crime. Now they have turned their guns on immigration.

This is reason for the pro-choice and the pro-diversity forces to seek common ground so as to scuttle Frist's presidential aspirations. The guy had no chance in the first place. His future now only got dimmer.

The anti-choice and the anti-diversity people are one and the same.
Kiss Me, I'm Illegal New York Times "terrorists." ... "illegal aliens." .... "economic refugees." ... "illegal immigrants" .... "undocumented immigrants." ..... To give a person, an act or a group its name is to define it, assert a measure of control over how it is perceived....... Guest workers ..... Willing workers ..... Permanent temporary residents..... a contest for the public mind...... felon ..... in the most restrictive version, it is perhaps a little like the homey status of the political prisoners in Frank O'Connor's short story "Guests of the Nation." The prisoners are treated like friends of the family until one is ordered executed in the national interest....... Guillermo Gómez-Peña, a performance artist and writer born in Mexico known for his observations about the cultural life of the border, has coined his own term for the movement of people, legally or illegally, temporarily or permanently, willingly or not, from south of the border to the north. In a recent performance, he mordantly referred to it all as "original sin."
QUICK HIT Immigration reform: whose bill says what McCain .. Kennedy Illegal immigrants who pay a $1,000 fine and pass a criminal background check could apply for a six-year work visa allowing them travel in and out of the country. They later could apply for permanent residence.
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McCain, Feingold, Iraq
McCain, Feingold Air Views In Iraq Washington Post ..... said they had come not to air their divergent views but to urge Iraqi politicians to speed up the process of forming a government...... Several visiting politicians, including McCain, have warned that the American public was turning against the war and urged Iraqi leaders to move more quickly in building a coalition government...... Feingold .. said he was dismayed not to hear any of the military commanders he met with mention al-Qaeda as a source of the problems in Iraq
McCain sounds good on campaign finance reform, on lobbying reform, on broadband, on immigration. If these two can at least agree on a future course for Iraq, their past differences might not get in the way. Could McCain be thinking McCain-Feingold for 2008?

Russ Feingold And 2008

Talk Of The Moon
US Planning Base On Moon To Prepare For Trip To Mars Washington Post ..... Bush in 2004 announced to great fanfare plans to build a new spaceship, get back to the moon by 2020 and travel on to Mars after that..... moon ... is a lethal place, without atmosphere, pelted constantly by cosmic rays and micrometeorites, plagued by temperature swings of hundreds of degrees, and swathed in a blanket of dust that can ruin space suits, pollute the air supply and bring machinery to a screeching halt..... moon .. 250,000 miles away, while Mars is 34 million miles from Earth ...... if the United States does not return to the moon, others will..... Could we bypass the moon and go to Mars while India and China are going to the moon?
Looks like Bill Frist's ancestors' desendants want to go back to the moon where they came from.

I think the idea is Bush' poor attempt to imitate Kennedy. This idea has not been thought through, it is too expensive.

If and when a mission to Mars happens, it will be a global and not an American effort. Only makes sense.

Universal broadband, and universal spread of democracy are more worthy goals than a trip to Mars, and both are technological challenges, just like a trip to the moon.


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Marcus Aurelius said…
I wouldn't worry about it Para, unless you snuck across the southern border, and I have this strong suspicion you didn't sneak through any border let alone the southern one.

I wonder if I went down, snuck into Mexico and took a job. What would the Mexican government do? I have this suspicion it wouldn't be to pay my tuition and medical bills.

I support liberal immigration levels, just do it legally. I also support the guest worker (aka amnesty) program as long as it comes with border security.

BTW, thanks for reading & commenting on Blogger Beer.
jakejacobsen said…
With all due respect, what the hell are you smoking?

Do you really see no difference between legal and illegal immigration? Yes, my forebearers came here from somewhere else and then...became Americans! Legally!

I do not support a guest worker program because it's never worked anywhere. We don't need to import low wage slaves which does seem to be the position your supporting here chief, that really okay with you?
Annamarie said…
Just read your interesting post. BTW, thanks for your link on my post.

Take care and best regards.
Betsy McKenzie said…
Dear Para,
I agree that the tone of the current legislation is extremely offensive whether you are legal or illegal immigrant. I am shocked at the extreme nature of the bill. Setting up a fence across a third of our border with Mexico; making illegal entry a felony; making assisting illegal immigrants a felony. When you consider that some of the undocumented immigrants that they consider "illegal" are fleeing right wing dictatorships and are being assisted by church groups and human rights groups, that is pretty darned extreme. This is setting up some tragedies. They should be working to ameliorate the problems that cause undocumented entry in the first place.