Obama Votes Nay

“Ironically, after learning today that Jack Abramoff will spend nearly six years in prison, the Senate passed a lobbying reform bill that does little to change the culture that allowed him to abuse the system in the first place. The Senate has missed a once-in-a-decade opportunity to clean up the way we do business in Washington. This bill fails to create an independent enforcement mechanism to investigate misconduct by members of Congress. It fails to stop lobbyists from currying influence by flying lawmakers on private jets. And it does nothing to prevent members of Congress from negotiating for jobs with the very industries they’re supposed to regulate.”
So it goes the way of Washington. Obama's first major effort in the Senate did not carry the day. It is like health care and the Senate. It is a big issue for the Americans across the country, but the Senate never talks about it. There is this democracy disconnect between the people and the rulers. The kings on Capitol Hill don't like the idea of oversight, if it is an oversight over them.

They don't vote it down, they water it down, give it a good name and then vote yes. So it was yes to lobbying reform if you read the surface. It is like Bush and the No Child Left Behind Act. He names it no child left behind, and then leaves most children behind. Bush weakens regulations for industry and calls it a Clearn Air Act. Some thing like that. Dems be learning the game.

Obviously Obama is more popular in the country at large than in the Senate. Call it a democracy disconnect. But it is more the bill than Obama.

Maybe the Dem bosses who got Obama take the lead on this one knew this is how it will end up. Let Obama taste some humble cake.

Let the Senators vote the way they do, and let the people know.

Maybe Obama can learn from McCain's efforts for Campaign Finance Reform. McCain did not succeed on first attempt.

Cleaning up democracy is an ongoing business. Beyond lobbying reform is the bigger issue of public financing of elections. Private financing creates many distortions.

It took an Enron to get campaign finance reform passed. Abramoff is not enough, it seems. Wait for a bigger scandal.

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