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Immigration is what America is all about. Immigration makes sense. Immigration is not something you try to stop, it is something you manage.

A great idea would be to issue diversity visas to a few hundred thousand people in every country that is not yet a democracy. They will buy their own plane tickets. And they will work some of the low paying jobs in the American economy like crazy. And you have to help them to get organized and stay organized. They could become the vanguard for the democracy movements in their respective countries. And America did not spend in terms of defense or foreign policy the entire time. They could also be sources of economic and social reforms in their respective countries. They could end up the primary source of Foreign Direct Investment in their respective countries. You want the pie to grow in America. You want the pie to grow in the other countries. And immigration does it big time.

But instead the tax cut and spend conservatives would like to spend money on fences, spend money on wars that are supposed to spread democracy. The anti immigration sentiment is largely based on irrational xenophobia. It is cultural conservatism. It shoots for the lowest possible denominator. Otherwise immigration makes American sense. It makes economic sense. It makes political sense. It just makes a bundle of sense. Those who oppose immigration on ideological grounds defy logic.

Spreading democracy is America's number one foreign policy goal, always has been. All big wars America has fought have been about spreading democracy. World War II, the Cold War.

This is the era of globalization and the internet. Immigration has taken a whole new meaning today. People all over the world just have become more migratory.

The immigrants spread democracy and prosperity across the world like no formal tool of US power ever could. That is why.

Immigrant Power
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May 1 Immigrants Rally: Great American Boycott With Jesse Jackson
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