No To Neocons, No To Islamists

The neocons and the Islamists do have similarities. One makes dogmatic use of the Bible, another makes dogmatic use of the Koran. Both believe it is through use of force that you make your statement.

The Democratic disagreement with Bush in Iraq is not to say let's pull out now and handover the country to the Al Qaeda. The Al Qaeda people misunderstand.

We have to get aggressive with the progressive way of spreading democracy.

White trash lefties who look down upon the Third World people try my patience. You go toe to toe against the neocons. They have spent $500 billion in Afghanistan and Iraq and counting. The progressives have to come out saying we will wage a $50 billion war of communications technology to ensure a total spread of democracy. We will save $450 billion. Instead some lefties are too busy talking isolationist talk. Let's get the hell out of Iraq, they say. The US troops do have to leave Iraq, sure. But you don't counter wrong foreign policy with no foreign policy. There has to be a Plan B. It has to be aggressive.

JFK said we are going to the moon before the decade is over. Spreading democracy should prove easier. We already have all the technology we need, we already have all the political jargon we need. We just now have to have the will to go out there and do it.

Iraq is not going to be an Islamist dictatorship. The world will pay any price to make sure that does not happen. We did not get rid of one dictatorship to bring on another. But sometimes you can get dumb and blunt and end up paying a huge, unnecessary price in terms of lives and money.

Monarchies are dictatorships no matter which way you look at them. You can not say you are for spreading democracy, and cosy up with the House of Saud at the same time. All monarchies in the Arab countries have to go.

The US as a state has its limitations. And so a private sector effort has to be stoked. If Nepal is any example, give me a million strong matrix in New York City, and I will give you the burning core of a mechanism that will spread democracy across the Arab world and beyond.

The Matrix

Since 9/11 the American state has been hostile to the Arab Americans, more so than it already was before. The American state has been hostile to those who trace their roots to the Global South. That is the exact opposite of what needs to be happening.

Those who leave their countries to come to America are often cream of the crop. They stay tight with each other. They admire America. That is why they are here. They can be foot soldiers for democracy in ways the American military can not imagine, can not fathom.

The Matrix is surprisingly a zero cost mechanism. The Matrix feeds itself. But funding can speed things up.

The First Major Revolution Of The 21st Century Happened In Nepal
Democracy Spreading Mechanism
The Demosphere Manifesto

The Democracy Spreading Mechanism will play out slightly differently for each country. And it can be perfected and made better each time. If all democracy movements were to coordinate with each other - and that coordination is not even active, it is made possible by the sheer fact that The Matrix is a transparent mechanism constantly feeding the search engines - every succeeding movement will go through less pain.

We have to build the kind of momentum that was felt when the Soviet Union collapsed. The wind of freedom has to engulf the globe.

If I had $100,000 at my disposal while I was doing full time work for the Nepal movement, that would have made a huge difference to speed things up. Make it one million. Or even 10. That still comes out much much cheaper than the $500 billion.

The same apply to Iraq and Afghanistan. We have to strengthen the political parties and the nonviolent political workers in both countries.

The Republican Party in America and the BJP in India - the second largest party there - both have religious fundamentalists at their cores. In democratic Arab countries parties that are similarly Islamic - as opposed to Islamist - will sprout. In a free speech environment, the Arabs in the streets will still vent strong anti-US, anti-Israel venom. And that is okay. That is democracy.

But freedom truly rings in every human heart. It needs help getting expressed. Let's help.

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