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Onto Grassroots Governing

Dean 2004 was Grassroots 1.0, Obama 2008 has been Grassroots 2.0. The method of it has been Grassroots 2.0, the substance of it has been what Barack calls the new kind of politics, the politics of hope, the politics of respect for those who differ with you, the politics of no longer tearing each other down. The method made the substance possible. The grassroots mechanics of Obama 2008 were made possible by the advances in internet technology. Dean 2004 did not have YouTube, Blogger, Facebook, none of that. Internet fundraising has gone through the roof. The people have claimed the power. 
But like Barack said in his victory speech, a speech that I heard on the radio, that had me sobbing. He said "I know you did not do this for me, and I know you did not do this to win an election." The grassroots won this election to transform the country, the world, to bring forth fundamental policy changes like universal health care, ending a war, changing the way Washington does business. 

The Bigness Of The Financial Crisis: Making Sense

This thing is so big, it is not making sense to me. It is just so huge. I can try and draw historic parallels, but there is no denying we are breaking new ground. Noone really saw it coming, although many warned of the malpractices in the mortgage industry.

Great Depression?

That was the last big crisis of this proportion, although the times were much more painful back then. A wrong lesson to draw would be to think now is the time to usher in a new bag of entitlement programs. There is no free lunch, the cliche goes. Someone somewhere has to pay. That someone could be unborn children, but they are still paying.

This Is America Paying For The Iraq War

The direct cost was the trillion Bush poured into the Iraqi sands. The indirect cost is this global financial meltdown, although it no longer feels all that indirect.

Bin Laden, Right?

Bin Laden talked of "the myth of the superpower" before he drove the Soviets out of Afghanistan. 9/11 triggered the Iraq War that triggered this financ…

The Four White Manhattan Organizations

The mind is a beautiful thing. I remember the details from the weeks before June 4 more vividly than the six months after June 4, although I remember those six months just fine. As long as they did not deport me, and I was not physically hurt, I got a steel interior. I am like one of those weeds you can't get rid of. I got strong survival instincts, like James Bond and Jason Bourne, only I am not a fist fighter. My skills are political.

I went to Rudy's, and I made it to the South Asians For Obama event at 8:30 that same evening where I stayed for half an hour - "I got to make it to Westchester" - and I felt out of place both places. Earlier in the day I spent about two wonderful hours walking around with my second Adam, my second big catch for my startup, whom I would never have met if I had never showed up on the Island, and I am thinking, perhaps I should say goodbye to the four white Manhattan organizations - DL, DL21C, DFNYC, MYD - absolutely, completely, perhaps…