Pledge Of Allegiance

Wednesday, March 12

7:00 pm

DL21C's Political Author series continues with
Dr. Doug Schoen
Author, Declaring Independence:The Beginning of the End of the Two-Party System
Founding Partner, Penn, Schoen & Berland and former pollster for President Bill Clinton and Mayor Michael Bloomberg
books available for purchase and signing on-site

I pledge not to engage in any kind of partisan political action at the event.

I pledge not to incite others to show up for the event.

I pledge not to engage in any kind of group political activity at the event. ("Is This An Obama Party?", DL21C Annual Summer Bash: Barack Won The Straw Poll)

I pledge to show up on time, and to leave after the event is over, or after half the people have left and there are no more interesting people to talk to.

I pledge to take an extra hard look at any door I might try to open and that I might not just keep my head high and miss any fire alarm that usually are placed half way down, because by the time you realize you set off a fire alarm without meaning to, it might be too late.

I pledge not to ask any question of the speaker unless I am really, really compelled to. I pledge not to ask any question that might even be remotely suggestive of the current, ongoing Barack-Hillary battle. I was not allowed to ask Terry McAuliffe a question. (Terry McAuliffe: E=mc^2) I took the lesson to heart. I did not ask Mark Penn a question, and it was not even a DL21C event. (Mark Penn At Strand) You can ask him to confirm. I was in the front row, it is not like I would not have got the opportunity to ask. On his part he offered not to talk about the current campaign.

In October 2007, I got told I was already a member of DL21C. It must be because I must have paid enough money for a membership, one event at a time. Does that membership go by calendar year, or does it last until October 2008? I pledge to retain, or acquire membership, or just go ahead and pay the one event fee, whichever is asked of me.

I pledge not to drink more than one beer, if that. That would be my usual self.

I hereby reveal to DL21C what the rest of the world already knows. I have always liked Hillary. I like her today. I have liked her through all stages of the current campaign.

A Vote For Barack Is Not A Vote Against Hillary

I also reveal that I have never, never at any point had any interest in gunning for the top DL21C position. One, my political style is 2.0. DL21C leadership is a heavily 5.0 position. I have feared if I venture too much into 5.0 I might become less good at 2.0. But I have offered to bring the two together for the benefit of the organization. But I realize unless the organization makes the democratic choice to do so, it will not happen, and I respect that. Two, I have always thought extremely highly of the DL21C leader. She is a future President of the United States. I think she should keep the DL21C leadership position all the way to becoming president. I am like a 5.0 scientist, she is like a 5.0 engineer. But it is a mixed bag and we wear both hats, but overall she is better at 5.0, and that gap will likely always remain. She is better than me at 5.0, and I am better than her at 2.0. If I were given the DL21C leadership position, I would not know what to do with it.

I share that I have never been opposed to becoming a DL21C member, it is just that saving maybe 20 dollars a year just did not appeal, and I kind of liked the act of paying up on entrance. I liked the ritual.

I share that I have never been opposed to becoming active with the DL21C, it is just that I did not get the impression DL21C intended to do anything more than what it was already doing, and what it was already doing, it was doing very well, my participation would not have made the output any better. In fact, since it was purely into event planning, I had to stay away because I have no interest in event planning. But I am very interested in the Women's Revolution Committee in a non-leadership position as long as the committee agrees to go into 2.0. And to go into 2.0 is to become a leaderless, non-hierarchical organization. You are looking at cloud group dynamics, not pyramid group dynamics. (Looking For 10 Ninja Women) Overall I have zero interest in DL21C event planning, except that I think all its events should be videoblogged. But I have enormous interests in its committees, as long as they all go 2.0. Minus 2.0, the organization is not race-neutral enough for me. Not efficient, intense enough, not scalable enough.

Coat check is not a problem.

The idea primarily is to experience the event.

Liz coveted her political space next to Kristina Hoke, Dan covets his political space next to Elizabeth Caputo. If I am not interested in the number one position, why would I be interested in the number two position? I don't compete with Dan and Liz politically, I compete with Eliot Spitzer: Madhesi Movement Victory In Nepal. A bone surgeon is not also a heart surgeon. My political style is 2.0. It works for me. Towards the end of the Louisiana Senator event, Dan asked me aside and basically started yelling at me. I don't remember all he said, but one was, stop, I guess as in don't email Caputo. But one thing he said loud and clear was "Don't you threaten me!" The dude at that point was yelling. Berger went entrepreneurial. Caputo has been pushing the fiction that the fire alarm went off because she said "You are already a member!"

Kristina and Liz once shared with me how after Kristina got elected MYD leader, quite a few guys stopped cooperating, a few actively tried to mess things up. I was honored that they would feel comfortable enough to share that with me. I don't struggle with the idea of a woman leader of an organization, actually I like it greatly. I might have made some unfair comments to Cohen at DFNYC as if to say, get out of the way of these two women. But in the case of Caputo, it has not just been about a woman leader. Man or woman, she is just an amazing, fantastic political talent, and I have always felt that way. She is big league.

I felt the shock tremor of Benazir's death. Before that Caputo felt the shock tremor of Bobby's election. Bobby is the next wave of Republican leadership. I admire Caputo's instincts for her reaction. I don't begrudge it. It is one of those things that makes me feel she is big league like I thought she was.

She is one year older to me, I think, something like that.

I think about deaths on a daily basis as a political , Third World guy, deaths to stupid violence, petty disease. A third of the women in India get beat by their husbands, many routinely. When you meet a random Indian guy, you got to ask, are you a Mr. 35%? That would be a legitimate question. Half the women who get murdered in this world get murdered by their boyfriends and husbands. Every third or fourth woman will get raped at some point in her life. My mind soars with the plight of the Third World people, I would be surprised if Caputo's mind does not soar with the plight of women worldwide.

But there is another angle. I have been to all parts of this city. On foot, and not just during daytime. When I walked from Little Bangladesh south of Prospect Park to Jackson Heights, I got there at midnight. I have walked from Times Square to Little Bangladesh after midnight a few times. Granted if you have my skin color and you are casually dressed and possibly have had a bad hair day, you are probably the one who is scaring people. But my point is this is overall a safe city. I never heard a gun shot during my numerous walks. You go to these events in Manhattan and it is so obvious most of these people take get pride in never, never venturing out of Manhattan. I find that weird. Don't you get curious sometimes? So when there were people keeping a safe distance of 20 feet from me at the Holiday party, and that included people I thought I had talked to a few times, and perhaps knew, I am like, you don't know me. This is your rotten value system that is getting the better of you. There is this thing called taking positive pride in your heritage, but there are many people who think to be racist is to be white. That includes some Nepalis I know who will go on to say the most racist things about black people.

If you feel uncomfy discussing race and gender, in my book you are not a progressive.

Gender fascinates me the way the Milky Way might fascinate some astronomer. I am not in it to do women a favor any more than Sam Walton was out to do his customers a favor. Women will vote. Group dynamics is my thing and there are few things in group dynamics as fascinating as gender. The race gender coalition idea is secondary to that positive, mind-blowing fascination. (The Need For A Race Gender Coalition)

About this author though, Bloomberg already decided he is not running. (Spitzer Is Right, Albany Is Wrong) Declaring Independence: The Beginning of the End of ... and is currently helping New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg weigh his options as a potential independent candidate .... the next election will be decided by the 35-40 percent of the electorate fed up with "partisanship and the extremist wings of either party," a group Schoen calls "Restless and Anxious Moderates." ...... the rising importance of the internet and the 24-hour news cycle ..... While a third-party candidate might not win in 2008, Schoen shows, he would provide-as Perot did-an important role in shaping the political agenda, invigorating debates and encouraging consensus between the two major parties. ....... Independent voters now constitute the largest segment of the American electorate. ...... We are a nation of political moderates who want smart, workable solutions to our serious problems.
Powell's Books - Declaring Independence: The Beginning of the End ...

"The Power of the Vote" by Douglas E. Schoen Dr Douglas E Schoen Interviewed by Randy Gilbert on
Doug Schoen - Politics on The Huffington Post
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International Crisis Group - Douglas E. Schoen
has worked for the past 30 years creating and developing winning communication messages and campaigns for Fortune 500 executives, political leaders, and heads of state, from Bill and Hillary Clinton to Mike Bloomberg and Jon Corzine. ...... From 1994 to 2000, Dr. Schoen was President William Jefferson Clinton’s research and strategic consultant and has been widely credited with creating and effectively communicating the message that turned around the President’s political fortunes between 1994 and 1996 and in the aftermath of the impeachment proceeding. ..... In both 2001 and 2005, Dr. Schoen was New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s lead strategic advisor and was responsible for positioning the Mayor to win an unforeseen victory on the heels of September 11Th as well as a historic election victory this past November 2005. ..... an extensive list of corporate clients, including AOL Time Warner, Procter & Gamble, Major League Baseball, AT&T, Frito Lay, and Citibank. ...... A magna cum laude graduate of Harvard College, a graduate of Harvard Law School, Dr. Schoen has his doctorate in philosophy from Oxford University in England.
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About Douglas E. Schoen, Author of The Power of the Vote
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Hello June, Congratulations On The Victory
Between June O'Neill, David Pollak and You
12:35pm Mar 5th

Got to take the Senate. That is when the Spitzer governorship begins.

By the way, would you know someone by the name of Elizabeth Caputo? If you do, can you please ask her why she will not let me into the DL21C events?

Granted I am a Third World guy, but I have never carried a gun in my life. I am nonviolent as a cockroach. I am not some random, suspicious looking, shabbily dressed, funky shoes wearing, by himself in the corner, having a bad hair day, outer borough guy. All the top people who run all the top political organizations in Manhattan know me, and most have some respect for my political acumen. I am fairly social, and normal. I would like to believe I have pleasant manners.

The first act of hostility was after Bobby became Governor of Louisiana, but Bobby is Bloomberg, I am Spitzer. We are from two very different political persuasions. Caputo once called me a republican from stage, though not exactly by name. She is one of the most avid readers of my blog (another is Barack Obama). Of all people she should know I am a progressive. But I will give you I am a corporate progressive, I have an ambitious tech startup.

Caputo is from Indiana, but it is my firm conviction and observation she is an extremely open minded person on all issues of diversity upto and including the disabled and the stem cell research people. So there is no race angle to my curiosity. I am an Asian living in an Asian century.

Thank you and much appreciated. Maybe you will make it possible for me to get into DL21C events all over again.

PS. Please tell the Governor I am a huge fan of his. I am from a very different country, so I am not too rehearsed on the issues, but I am all into the Spitzer action. Every time he gets into a fight, he makes my day, win or lose.

Talking Points Against Bobby Jindal
  1. I am better looking.
  2. Last I checked, there were a billion women in India.
  3. Bobby, now, is that a British name?
  4. Bobby is not a Hindu. Or does that not matter no more in 21st century India?
  5. Bobby might have won a few elections in French Louisiana, but he never instigated a French Revolution.
  6. Could Bobby point out Bihar on a map? If not, I am offended.

Four Moods: Texas Debate Watch Party
  1. Let's have a conversation. That was gentle and inviting.
  2. Then the mood changed. I don't like you, never did. Why are you looking at the floor? If you liked me, you would look at me.
  3. Dan is not here, I am saying this to you myself. As in, so you are saying I needed crutches to speak? Third time is the charm? Minus two guys. Then minus one guy. Am I supposed to be honored?
  4. Inviting. You have been blogging for a year and a half. For me? Then change again. If you are not talking to feel safe, I am also taking precautions. So you like me for my political acumen?
Gesture: I have my coat on. Sorry you got offended by the compulsory coat check. I am in solidarity.

Dozen Or More Layers: Texas Returns
  1. Black security guard. "The event has not started yet." 7:15. Me: "Okay, I will be back in 10 minutes. When does it start? 7:30?" "Hold on, hold on. There is this woman." He gets on radio. I am in motion to walk away like, okay. Caputo flashes like on a screen like she was coming down then she flashes back, as if to walk back, not to come. Out walks the same white guard who was there at the Holiday party. The black dude looks puzzled. I walk away. I was already in motion after the not started yet part, I never stopped.
  2. I guess one black, one white, that balances it out. That makes it race neutral.
  3. Or, if you got offended by the compulsory coat check by a white guard, do you like it better when a black guard is about to beckon the woman to you? Is that how it works?
  4. Or even at the Holiday party, the first part was another party where you were not even allowed, but the white guard actually liked you and let you in. Like Justin Krebs liked you on day one.
  5. That part before an event starts is when you talk if you want to talk.
  6. Dan and Mike are not men who do what I can't. I am not some pushed aside woman. I am in charge. I ask them to do. Just like these two men.
  7. If I had my way, you would not have been at the Holiday party, but Pollak let you in. What after the fire alarm? You scared so many white people all at once.
  8. You have put me, Berger and Pollak into tight spots. We all have Hillary fan bosses. Do you not understand? What does crash the party mean? You think you got Obama freaks? I got Lord and Manor.
  9. She just is not into you.
  10. There are many parties in town? Why this one?
  11. We don't think you should be on TV. We got NY1.
  12. If you had not walked away, I would have talked. I mirrored your motion.
  13. You should have been here at 6:30. Then "The event has not started yet" would have made sense. Dan Berger changed the time of the event "DL21C's Super Tuesday Party - Part II". 11:16am, March 4.