Bill Richardson: A Genuine American Hero

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Nicolas Sarkozy hopes to gain a little ‘va va voom’ from the Queen Times Online
Controversial pastor coming to Wheeler Avenue Baptist Houston Chronicle
China Shows Photos of Tibetan Protesters
New York Times the toll from anti-Chinese riots in Tibet had risen to 19 dead and 623 injured. It said 18 civilians and a police officer had been confirmed dead in the unrest. The news agency said 241 police officers and 382 civilians had been injured in Lhasa. ...... began in Lhasa and have spread to many smaller towns on the Tibetan Plateau ..... 99 people have been killed in the government crackdown
Op-Ed: After the End of the Affair David A. Paterson, who said Tuesday that his own extramarital affairs ended several years ago ...... In the parlance of American couples recovering from adultery, “D-Day” is the day you discover your spouse has been cheating on you. And as with the birth of Jesus, time is reset from there. ...... “The reactions of the betrayed spouse resemble the post-traumatic stress symptoms of the victims of traumatic events.” ..... “9/11 always reminds me of how it felt — one floor collapsing into another,” said a woman in her 40s who lives near Seattle. Another woman, writing in an Internet chat room, compared her husband’s affair to the Asian tsunami of 2004, which killed a quarter of a million people. ..... X.O.W. is the “ex-other woman,” O.N.S. is a “one-night stand” ...... A “cake man” is a husband who wants to have his wife and his mistress, too. ..... Wives from sub-Saharan Africa, a part of the world with the highest levels of male infidelity, told me how they went running down the street after their husbands, begging them to sleep at home. ........ If your spouse cheats, you’ve been living a lie. Americans describing their D-Day experiences say that they weren’t just shocked, jealous and profoundly upset, but that their whole view of the world had collapsed. “It robs you of your past,” one husband said. “What is real? What is fake?” ....... We’re the only country that peddles the idea that “It’s not the sex, it’s the lying.” (In France, it’s not the lying, it’s the sex.) America is also the only place I found that has a one-strike rule on fidelity: if someone cheats, the marriage is kaput. ....... he had had “a number of women” (and his wife had cheated, too). ...... Mrs. Spitzer discovered her husband’s apparent penchant for call girls only the night before he announced his “private matter” to the press. ....... marriage-industrial complex ..... A woman in Tennessee told me that she had gained 60 pounds since her husband found out she had been sleeping with a co-worker, in part because the couple now spends most of their free time on the couch rehashing the affair. “Neither of us cries as much as we used to, because of the antidepressants,” her husband said.
What About Gehry’s Vision for Brooklyn? eight million square feet of residential and commercial development on an eight-acre site extending east from Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues, one of the borough’s most congested intersections ..... the nearby Williamsburgh Savings Bank tower — a classic stone phallus ..... Brooklyn’s vibrant answer to Times Square, minus the saccharine Disney décor. ...... the core of his concept, the charged relationship between the enclosed arena and the street
Barack Obama's race speech an online video hit AFP Online searches for "Obama speech" rocketed 7,627 percent the day after the US presidential candidate took on the sensitive issue of race in a March 18 oratory, according to a Yahoo Buzz service that tracks what's hot online. ..... record-shattering honesty .... queries for 'I have a dream speech' and 'Martin Luther King Free at Last speech' both spiked the day after Obama spoke .... laid bare racial tensions in US culture that politicians usually avoid discussing..... Stewart made sport of "Obama talking to Americans about race as though they were adults."
Obama race speech garners good reviews Boston Globe
Kenya: Obama Euphoria Now Hits Music Scene With a Bang the kind of attention he has attracted in the entertainment scene remains unmatched ..... The heat generated worldwide has attracted many celebrities across the world. Musicians, through their songs, are endorsing their favourite candidate. ..... Obama has more celebrity muscle going by the number of A-List entertainers rallying behind him ...... William, of the Black Eyed Peas did a pro-Obama song Yes We Can and its videos have generated more than five million hits on YouTube....... In Kenya, Cocoa Tea's Obama song has continued to rank top in a local radio station as "Beat of the Week" and is said to have one of the largest endorsements. ..... Revellers in Kenyan dancehalls usually go into a frenzy and dance with abandon, as soon as Obama's song rends the air. ...... Perhaps when he comes back to Kenya, he will look for me," says Nyadundo.
Richardson says Clinton phone call got 'heated' MSNBC the conversation he had with Hillary ..... "It was tough to make the call, but I did. It got a little heated. It got a little tense. But it was understood, and I'm proud of my decision." .... He stressed that his decision to endorse Obama came a week before, but it was reinforced by the speech Obama gave on race last Tuesday. He cited his own racial background as a Hispanic to underscore why the speech was so significant. ....... I believe that Senator Obama is going to be the nomnee. ..... "I can tell you that there are very few people in American public life that have the breadth and depth of experience that Bill Richardson has," Obama said, adding that he would play a role in the campaign and hinting that he would have a role in a future Obama administration.

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The Obama effect
Clinton Says Her Passport File Breached The Associated Press "an outrageous breach of security and privacy." ..... basic personal data such as name, citizenship, age, Social Security number and place of birth ..... the information could allow Obama's critics to dig deeper into his private life
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