Why Bill Clinton Is Misbehaving

Let's Finish This Thing On February 5
Become Aggressive, Or Become Adlai Stevenson


Bill Clinton's use of the word fairytale was a 21st century version of the Willie Horton ad. It was/is racially coded. When you are a nonwhite person trying to climb up the ladders of success, what are you doing? You are trying to be taken seriously.

But Bill Clinton goes ahead and says Barack Obama is a fairytale. Don't take that guy too seriously. He is a fairytale. He is harmless, he is cute, but he is a fairytale.


The South Side of Chicago where Barack Obama was practicing civil rights law, Hillary went ahead and called it a slum. That is a Willie Horton ad. Who lives in the slums? Black people. Barack is black. He is charming, eloquent, but black.

Hillary's use of the word slum is designed to give her the white vote on February 5.

Barack Has Work Cut Out For Him

A guy who is going to be the first black president of the United States does not have the option to avoid race as a big issue. He has to prove America is ready to elect him, a black man. And he has to prove if America is not fully ready, he will help America become a little bit more ready.

Whereas Bill and Hillary are counting on the fact that deep in its heart, white America is not ready for some black dude to go occupy the ultimate house in the land. All they have to do is use some racial code words - fairytale, slum - and the white sentiment will come gushing to the Clintons. White America will fall head over heels for the Clintons.

Barack has to do a few things.

One, you do not get to avoid this topic. You do not get to pretend as if something other than race is being alluded to.

Two, you have got to point out that the Clintons are misjudging America. This is not the America of the 1960s, or the 1990s. This is a 21st century America that is ready for a biracial president.

Three, you have to hit back and make America more ready to be accepting of its diversity. If America is not fully ready, you work to make it ready. That is where leadership comes in.

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Number One Reason Bill Clinton Is Misbehaving

It is not a man in love with his wife. It is a man scared of his place is history. Barack is going to be a greater president than Bill Clinton, and Bill Clinton does not like the idea. Otherwise Bill Clinton beats many others. He beats the two Bushes, he beats Jimmy Carter, Ford, Nixon. But if Barack becomes president, Bill Clinton will spend the next 40 years having to know Barack became a greater president than him. That is an idea Bill Clinton is not at peace with. And so he is campaigning with a vengeance. He is swinging any which way he can.

Bill Clinton In Top 10, Barack Obama In Top 5

Guess what, I think after Barack's eight years, somewhere along the way, America will see a woman Barack, a woman who rose up politically on her own, and who did for men what Barack is doing for white people. Men are carrying 10,000 years worth of guilt, and they would like some relief. The relief will not come from a woman whose campaign was fully run by her husband. The relief will come from a woman fully in charge. And she will compete not with Bill but with Barack in the greatness ring. So Bill, chill.

Don't Cross The Line

If the Clintons don't stop using the racial code words, Hillary should not be considered for running mate. That is what is at stake. Spitzer might not be a bad running mate to have if you have a serious opponent in a guy called Bloomberg. America has never seen a more serious third party bid for the top job. Bloomberg will not win, but he will do good.

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