Let's Finish This Thing On February 5

Let's seal up the nomination for Barack on February 5. It can be done. I am opposed to the idea of having to keep fighting beyond February 5.

It can be done.

Win big in South Carolina.

Raise a ton of online cash. Issue whips. We have more than half a million donors. Let this become our biggest quarter yet. We have more online donors than all the others, Dem and Repub, running and no longer running, put together. Now is the time to cash it. The hour is at hand.

Do massive phone banking during the week leading to February 5. We got more volunteers than all the other Dem and Repub campaigns, breathing still and deceased, put together. Now is the time to cash on it.

Send volunteers out into the streets and to knock doors during that week like never before. There has to be this feeling that this is it, this is the final push. After that it is over.

Run the Mother ad relentlessly all across the country. I am tempted to say run just that one ad. Pour a ton of money into it.

We will run Michelle Obama ads in 2012 when Barack will seek reelection, but for now mother before wife.

Send Barack to all the big media markets during the final week leading to February 5.

After South Carolina everything he says will be national news. His geographical location will become less relevant.

Pick fights with Bill Clinton, especially on his distortions and lies. He thinks he can spin Barack's anti-war stand out of existence. That is too ambitious a task even for Bill Clinton.

Anti-war was what Dean 2004 was all about. Barack is a Deaniac, the most visible Deaniac.

Let no attack go unanswered. Just don't get mean with the rebuttals, that's all. After all, we are the new kind of politics people.

Attack Hillary on Iraq. She never apologized. How could she not?