Another Speech On Race Will Bring Victory In PA

Another Speech On Race Will Bring Victory In PA

That first speech on race was a super hit: almost four million hits on YouTube so far. But it is race that still haunts us. Race is the reason we are behind in PA. Hillary's margin comes from her lead among white voters, which is in high double digits right now.

But that was not exactly a speech on race, it was a damage control speech on race in response to some real intense stuff from Jeremiah Wright. God damn America? US of KKKA? I mean, I have said United f____g States, but what Wright said is in a whole different league.

What Barack needs to deliver is a speech on race. I was hoping he would do that right after South Carolina. But I kind of liked it that he tried to suggest his way to deal with race is to not talk about it too much. I wish that were so. But it has become obvious Barack might have moved on, but the country has not. His family might have moved on half a century ago, but the rest of the country still struggles with it.

I have just the speech for him: JFK, Obama Parallels: Catholic, Black.

He has to do what his father did as a foreign student in Hawaii at a bar in the 1950s. Some random white guy hurled a racial slur at the senior Barack. Senior Barack patiently walked over to the man and explained to him as to why it was not okay why he did that. The man got so impressed he paid for Barack Senior's lodging for a few months, something like that.

What his father did to that one man, now Barack Junior gets to do to an entire country. He has to face the fact that race is still a major issue in this country's life. Some would say it is The Issue. Then he has to suggest America's diversity is what gives it great strength, otherwise Shanghai also has the skyscrapers.

The wide gap Hillary has over Barack in PA is not because these folks don't know yet where Barack might stand on Iraq or health care. And it is only a small bit about being less familiar with Barack. It is to do with race. And they are asking for help. These are not racist bigots. These are just people used to a certain way of thinking, and noone of any national stature ever told them otherwise. Barack gets to be that person.

There is no skipping this race issue. Race has to be talked of as a diversity issue, and diversity has to be shown to how we will cure the big problems like global warming.

Besides, that is the only way to compete with Lincoln in the greatness department. That guy ended slavery, you cure racism. It can be done. There is concrete data on disparity. And the number one thing to do is engineer a total spread of democracy.

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Already Hillary's lead in PA is down to single digits and we still have weeks. It is hard for the political junkies to imagine, but Barack is not well known at all. Half of PA does not know he gave that speech in 2004.

Where Is Michelle? I Miss Michelle

Michelle was all over the place all the way to the victory in Iowa, and then also through January. Then she kind of disappeared. She is not as high profile no more. Granted the Obamas have two young daughters, and Michelle does have a career of her own. But you show Obama alone on the campaign trail a little too often and voters start to think maybe he is single.

The president is expected to be reassuring on the family question. Voters like to feel the top person is a family man. Otherwise voters get a little disoriented.

Iowa is all white. And Michelle is a big reason we won there. I know it is not about race. It is not a racial calculation on Michelle's part to stay away. It is her two kids on her mind. Well, she should win this one, and then both she and her husband get to see the two kids every day when they come back from school.

Get Michelle back in the game. Send her all over PA. We need a victory, yo! The two Obamas must make at least a few joint appearances each week. That we should be able to take for granted.

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