How To Play The Race Card In South Carolina

Bill Clinton Is A Cunning Fox

Look at this scenario. Bill Clinton knows Barack is not great with one liners. He has to talk his full paragraph. So he hits him not with one sentence, or one phrase, but one word. He calls him a "fairytale." Calling someone a fairytale is not negative like calling someone Darth Vader, like Hillary called Dick Cheney before Lynn Cheney called Barack Dick Cheney's cousin. But if you believe in fairytales!

Barack slipped on that one. He hit back with one mild, long, unclear paragraph that was not memorable at all. It was not a great quote even for a newspaper article. Instead he should have called Bill Clinton a stand-in. Look at this guy, he thinks Hillary can't run her own campaign, which probably is true, but look at this guy, calling me a fairytale.

Hillary Is The Wife To The Cunning Fox

Hillary's trail of tears was a multi-layered attack. Barack could feel the pain all the way to February 6 if he does not hit back just right. Hillary wants Barack to now overplay the race card in South Carolina, possibly win South Carolina, and then lose big on February 5. February 5 is a white day, measured just for color. Can you imagine Al Sharpton in the White House? I think he is a great guy, great hair and all, but now I can't. If there ever was a time for Barack to not do the Al Sharpton thing, not do the Jesse Jackson thing, now is the time.

But Barack has to play the race card and he has to play the race card with a vengeance. He has to play it on right time, one day before the good white and black people vote in South Carolina.

What to do? Do the MLK thing. Do not be shy about it. Take the race issue head on. This is the time to give that Catholic speech that JFK gave. Romney gave it a shot, but he bungled it. Now you try. I already wrote it for you many many months ago. Modify as necessary and deliver.

JFK, Obama Parallels: Catholic, Black

You give this speech and you get the black people in South Carolina, but also the whities on February 5. I want the women of California to be ashamed of themselves that they will not allow a black man to be president. If not now then when? Now is the time. It is tougher being black man than white woman in these United f____g States.

Not To Forget Nevada

Nevada is the window of opportunity that goes on to California. California is the megaprize to be won on February 5. So don't forget Nevada.

Time Travel

W got himself elected and reelected president and he postponed the onset of a new century by a good eight years.