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Obama's Weapon On Clinton: Iraq

The mood was different back then. 9/11 was recent. The country wanted to hit back so hard, the vast majority of Republicans believed the Dick Cheney lie that Saddam was behind 9/11.

Even since entering the Senate, Hillary has been under pressure to boost her defense credentials. She might have an idea or two on health care, but can she be imagined in the role of Commander In Chief? That is an unfair gender question, but it was/is there. She countered by going hawkish in more ways than one. She might have taken one step too far.

The Iraq War is no longer popular: it might have singlehandedly cost Bush the Congress. Hillary has never taken a stand against that war. Her stand during the election was that Rumsfeld should be fired. Message: the war was right, just its execution got messed up.

Obama, on the other hand, is the original anti-war candidate. He opposed the war back in the days. That is how he became a Deaniac. Dean was anti-war.

Obama and Hillary are my two favorite people in the U…

Obama Will Announce In January

I am just joining the guessing game here. I think Obama is going to announce some time in January, perhaps towards the end. That he is running. He will likely announce at least a few days before the new Congress convenes. That way you get to hog more of the limelight.

I hope he announces before the State Of The Union. Obama that way is going to suck the Bush oxygen. Already lameduck, Bush gets to become even more lameduck. The country is plain tired of Bush. It is so obvious Bush lacks strategic thinking.

He can't do it this year. 2006 is for the Congress. Do not compete.

I am sure he will run. And I am sure he will win. To me it is not if he will run. To me it is more like what will be his platform when he runs? To me it is not if he will win. To me it how great a president he will be.

January is not too early as long as you do not repeat the Howard Dean mistake: conserve the money.

He could spend much of the first year listening. It will allow him to travel far and wide. It will allo…

Kentucky Dude, November 29

On Wednesday November 29th, DL21Cs Political Author Series continues with The Honorable Jonathan Miller
Treasurer State of Kentucky
and author of
"The Compassionate Community: Ten Values to Unite America"
During the 2006 mid-term elections, Democrats won seats at the state, local and federal level – many in formerly Republican districts. Obviously, the key to governing and promoting a progressive agenda will be to find common ground with Red State voters. In "The Compassionate Community", Jonathan shares his vision of a society where Americans of all faiths can build a stronger democracy. He argues that it is about time for us as a country to move beyond the polarized politics of self-interest; it is about time that we embrace the notion of a common good and take action to fulfill it. Publishers' Weekly claims that "The Compassionate Community" is a "must-read for all Americans concerned about the future of their country". The Nashvill…