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Anthony Weiner: Health Care

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Tibet Is Not The US South Of The Civil War Era

China Focuses on Territorial Issues as It Equates Tibet to U.S. Civil War South New York Times return the boundaries of the modern nation to roughly those of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) at its height. That includes Taiwan, Tibet, the western region of Xinjiang and, by China’s calculation, Tawang. ..... In the age of empires, there were no hard and fast borders
The US civil war was about slavery and the Lincoln people were on the right side of history. China is about repressing Tibet, and the Chinese are on the wrong side of history.

The two sides in the US civil war were at war. And either could have won. Tibet today has no army that is fighting the Chinese army. The Chinese are the only force in town.
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The US South wanted to break away from the rest of the US. Tibet is not seeking to be a separate country.

And to expect Obama to sympathize with China on this question is beyond ridiculous. Because Obama is black - he is actually biracial - he is much more likely to …

Anthony Weiner On Health Care


Clear Wireless Internet 4G: Satellite Internet

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Hughes Net: Satellite Internet

Hughes Net Satellite Internet (hughs net) is the leading satellite internet service provider. It delivers high speed broadband across America.

The importance of broadband in this day and age can not be exaggerated. Broadband is as basic as electricity today, for work, for pleasure, for life activities. With the satellite option, the rural urban divide goes out the window. Hughes Net Internet is available anywhere in the continental US. The price is affordable.

Dial up just does not cut it these days. If you don't have broadband speed, you are missing out. On productivity, on pleasure. You need Hughes Internet. Satellite Internet fills in where cable internet is not an option.

HughesNet gives you broadband, and it comes with all the basic services like virus and spam protection, your own email address, a customized homepage.

Hughes Net satellite takes you online when others will not. Getting online knows no geographic boundaries.

"HughesNet uses the latest in satellite Interne…

Yes, Obama

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(1) Obama did not run for president to fix the biggest economic crisis in 70 years. But he responded well to it. And now we have an economic recovery.
(2) He could easily have used the crisis as an excuse to postpone work on health care. He did not. He is the reason we are talking health care right now. Health care is the domestic version of Mideast peace. Mind you, presidents have been trying to do this for the past half century, this dude just might deliver. This is a highly emotionally charged issue. Chances are that one thing you want is not what everyone else wants and, in a democracy, everyone counts.
(3) His first call as president was to Abbas. This dude is serious about Mideast peace. And he might even deliver. That is like handling the toughest domestic issue, and the toughest global issue. I would give him an A for trying and an A+ for achievement, once we have the fruits.
(4) He won the Nobel Peace Prize for work already done. He has done the politica…

Fun Holiday Eyeglasses From Zenni

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