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Nitish Modi Holding Hands

The man who gave Bihar a new dawn
It is difficult to accept two instances from decisive moments in Kumar’s career that are narrated in the book, as non-partisan observations and one is more inclined to view them as sympathetic accounts. Unfortunately, both also display Kumar as a poor judge of circumstances and as a leader with little political foresight, someone with little ability to anticipate moves of adversaries. In the first instance, the writer narrates how Kumar got “trapped” by Bahubalis — or elected warlords, into getting photographed with them in 2000 when he made the failed bid to become chief minister. The second instance is the famous hand grab with Narendra Modi during the 2009 Lok Sabha campaign. On both occasions, Kumar is presented as a victim of conspiracy. Such depiction is kind-hearted at one level, but on the other hand if this is actually a true account then one must say that the Bihar chief minister has been extremely fortunate to reach the position he is in tod…

Modi’s Impressive Moves

Narendra Modi at a BJP rally (Photo credit: Al Jazeera English)"I have given you free mixie grinders, goats, cows, gold for engagement ceremonies, washing machines, cycles and fans."
- Jayalalita at an election rally

Narendra Modi is the leading candidate for Prime Minister of India right now. He is certainly the most talked about. But not even the most optimistic polls put him past the magic figure of 272. And polls in India don’t have a great history. The numbers in polls have been nowhere close to the actual results in the past few elections. So there is no good way to know which way the wind is blowing for sure. But that does not change the fact that Modi has made some very impressive moves as a prime ministerial candidate. He has turned the race into a US presidential style election with no primaries and no one else competing directly against him. This approach could lead him to the Red Fort, or he might peak before the first votes are cast.

Modi has made many impres…

Modi Has Made Some Impressive Moves

English: Image of Narendra Modi at the World Economic Forum in India (Photo credit: Wikipedia) "I have given you free mixie grinders, goats, cows, gold for engagement ceremonies, washing machines, cycles and fans."
- Jayalalita

BJP announces six-party alliance in Tamil Nadu

He has stayed away from explosive topics like religion. He has stayed focused on development issues.

He gave himself an early start.

He has run a national campaign to the point he is the only one running for Prime Minister. Others hold desires, but no one else is officially running.

He has held massive rallies and all over the country too. Other than the vote count itself, nothing gives you gravitas like massive rallies. This has helped him clinch allies.

He has by far the best social media operation. He has learned from the grassroots ways of the Aam Aadmi Party.

He has worked hard to rope in allies.

He has competed against Mulayam in Uttar Pradesh. And it looks like he is winning. Mulayam can not g…

How Will America Benefit?

Image via CrunchBase How Will America Benefit?
A Statement For The Immigration Court
By Paramendra Bhagat

A Statement For My Next Immigration Court Date

I have been asked to answer this question. How will America benefit if I am allowed to stay in this country? And I would like to answer it to the best of my abilities.

At some level I can be called a political scientist the way an astronaut can be called an astronaut. Me noticing the contours of race relations in this country is like an astronaut seeing ice and water on Europa. It is nothing personal. It is strictly business. It is just science. Objectively speaking America is the number one country on the planet. And a country for which free speech is not religion cannot beat a country for which it is. So the fear of China today is like the fear of Japan in the 1980s. Although China is not your classic Saddam Hussein style dictatorship, or even a Russia style elected tsarism. China could teach America a thing or two about campaign…

Modi Mantra

Districts of Gujarat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Doing Big Business In Modi's Gujarat
In the most recent available data, Gujarat’s GDP shows a compounded average growth of 13.4% during Modi’s tenure, outstripping the national rate of 7.8% for the period. Thanks to Modi’s policies it has attracted investment in sectors like auto manufacturing and solar power. It has made advances in rainwater harvesting and irrigation, and offers a near 24-hour electricity supply statewide....... Miles of smooth roads, occasionally lined with pink, orange and white bougainvillea and kept clean by sweeping machines, let you zip around the massive city within a city that is Adani’s special economic zone. The idea is to have export-focused companies set up their factories in the SEZ, close to the Adani port. As additional incentives the billionaire has built a 40-mile railway line, linking the port to the national railway network, as well as a 1.1-mile-long private airstrip that SEZ tenants can use for th…

I See Nitish Doing Well In Bihar

हिन्दी: देश के उप राष्ट्रपति मोहम्मद हामिद अंसारी पटना में पूर्व मुख्यमंत्री सत्येन्द्र नारायण सिन्हा(छोटे साहब) की 94वीं जयंती पर आयोजित व्याख्यानमाला श्रंखला पर पूर्व सांसद किशोरी सिन्हा और मुख्यमंत्री नीतीश कुमार के साथ (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Because he has done good work. And he understands caste equations better than anyone else in Bihar.

Nitish Kumar takes battle to rival camps, eyes their votebank
fielded more than 16 candidates from OBC and EBC communities out of the 38 Lok Sabha seats that Nitish Kumar's party is contesting in Bihar. The JD(U) has left two seats for its ally, the CPI, and would be in triangular contest in nearly all the remaining 38 seats. ...... the JD(U) has given six tickets to Yadavs to rattle the RJD applecart. Also, perhaps flustered by the desertion of top Kushwaha leaders, Kumar has given six tickets to this influential "backward caste" to ensure the BJP doesn't gain from the entry of Vijay Singh Kushwaha, the husband of Renu Kushw…