Indian Surveys

Flag of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), a na...
Flag of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), a national political party in India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I have not known for sure what to make sure of the polls and surveys. Of course there is the classic example of the surveys showing the BJP coming back to power in 2004 but getting routed in reality. On the other hand there is a part of you that wants to believe maybe there is something to the surveys. Also it has to be noted there was a recent sting operation that showed some of the polling agencies were taking money from the BJP to show it was doing well with the people. There is also the allegation that the BJP spends as much as Rs. 50 crore on one Modi rally. If you are going to provide free transportation I guess a lot of people will go to Patna and Lucknow for the sightseeing.

But then I came across a survey a few days back that showed the BJP was going to bag half the seats in the South, and I am like, this can not possibly be true. The BJP has no presence in the South, never has. That is too dramatic.

I do think there is a Modi wave. Taking the party from 100 MPs to 200 MPs is quite a wave. But 200 is a long way from 272. And even those same surveys show the non Congres, non BJP parties getting more seats than either of the two biggies.

It can be safely assumed the largest democracy is too large for the polls and surveys to have figured it out yet.

There is also the corporate bias. The big media houses are owned by the major corporate interests that stand solidly behind the right of center Modi.
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