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Default Racism

Image via WikipediaAmerica defaulting will throw the global economy into a Grand Recession.

There are people who never made peace with the fact that, oh well, there is a now a black guy in the White House.

The racist white Republicans' hatred for the folks out there in the Third World is so strong, they would be willing to jack up the unemployment rate in America all the way to 29% if that is what it will take to inflict pain on the Third World folks.

This divided government thing is obviously not working. I say give the House back to Barack Obama. Like they kicked Mubarak out in Egypt it is time to kick the Republicans out. March.
The New Yorker: Smash The Ceiling: y the subprime meltdown, skyrocketing oil prices, the Eurozone debt crisis, and even the Tohoku earthquake ...... —a failure to raise the debt ceiling, which would almost certainly throw the economy back into recession ...... the United States doesn’t need, and shouldn’t have, a debt ceiling. Every other democratic …

Kentucky Blues

At The Buspark (2)
At The Buspark (2), Kentucky Blues
At The Buspark
Southern Hospitality
Third World Guy
Deaths In The Family
Enemy Of The State
Larry Shinn

There was no sex. There was no alcohol. Not only that day, but any day before that. We had been seeing each other, spending time in the evenings. This was summer. I had just finished my freshman year. She had showed up as a freshman.

There was no sex, there was no alcohol. Me, her, this Afghan guy, and another girl slept on the floor. There were these two guys, the Afghan guy's brother, and this Albanian, they slept in the adjacent room.

It had been a small party in the evening. And a sleepover.

We slept on the floor.

The girl was Jewish, I learned only weeks after we started seeing each other. (Larry Ellison) But that ends up being a key detail to the story.

Many, many weeks later the college president met my entire student government team and with tears in his eyes said: "My daughter got raped." With those four words…

Enemy Of The State

After I put this out and my lawyer submitted printed versions, a few things happened.

Questions Prepared By My Lawyer For Immigration Court Date Tomorrow
Immigration Court Date: June 6, 2011: Prepared Statement

One, my immigration court date got postponed, for now looks like indefinitely.

Two, two black guys claiming to be Hispanics from the Bronx met me at a tech event the final Monday of Internet Week. (Internet Week: Final Day: June 13) They had identical, give-away short hair cuts. The one who talked gave a false name and an email address that bounced. For someone claiming to be a political worker in the Bronx he knew too many details about me. I asked if he knew so and so in the Bronx, he said no. The talk first started gentle. He is like you Obama people really did good raising 10 dollars and so on and so forth. Then he started getting hostile. I felt like he was recording the conversation. It is like when I was in the thick of a political revolution in Nepal in 2006 and some a…