Larry Shinn

Larry Shinn is easily, easily, easily the most disgusting human being I have ever had to meet in person.

Travel does not cure prejudice. This motherfucker is proof. He will tell you he has been to India.

You don't participate in racist demonization and get away with it.

This motherfucking priest is not going to have a legacy. When he dies he is going to die knowing he toiled his entire life for nothing.

He does not deserve a legacy. He is not going to have one.

That is his punishment. He is paying.


Anonymous said…
Straight forward, but to the point. Only a shame someone could not have realized this mans' folly before he destroyed a worthwhile Kentucky College. Seems it took a fellow "world traveller" to undress Shinn.
Anonymous said…
what did he do at Berea College to brink it to the brink? I need more specifics.