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Article 370

Shikaras are a common feature in lakes and rivers across the Kashmir valley. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The recent row over Article 370 in India surprised me. First, I don't seem to know much about it. I have a vague idea that it is some kind of a special provision for Kashmir that was put in place around independence/partition, but I don't have good knowledge of the details. I guess I can always google it up and I doubt it is that complex a concept.

But this row was bad timing. This was like Bill Clinton became president in 1992 and the gays in the military came up, and that was a major distraction from the major agenda of the economy.

Or it was designed to get the NDA partners to fall in line. I don't need you, so if you speak right on Article 370, I will still keep you. But I doubt that was the idea.

It would be disrespectful of Modi to suggest that.

I actually like the idea of science and math education in madarsas. I did not know science and math were not taught in mad…

Smriti Irani In Modi's Cabinet


Uttar Pradesh: 35 SP, 35 BSP, 10 Congress

The Taj Mahal, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India (Photo credit: dms_303) Correspondingly, for the assembly, 139 SP, 135 BSP, 50 Congress.

That would be a winning formula to go for. But first Akhilesh has to cultivate a laser focus on development. No coalition building can beat Modi if you don't compete with him on development.

Could this coalition come together, or will it wait until the BJP also gives a drubbing to these three at the state level?
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Modi: The Politician I Read Most About

Deng Xiaoping (Photo credit: Wikipedia)English: Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore, being escorted by United States Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld through an honour cordon and into the Pentagon. They met to discuss bilateral security issues including the war on terrorism: see DefenseLINK news photos. US Department of Defense (). Retrieved on . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Narendra Modi has become the politician I read most about these days. Deep inside it is my suspicion that he might be India'sLee Kuan Yew, that he might be India's Deng Xiaoping. I need Modi to give India double digit growth rates, year in, year out, no dips, no recessions. Double digit is not eight per cent, not nine per cent. Double digit is 10% or more.

Culturally speaking I am an Indian. I am an Indian who grew up in Nepal. And I want Modi to succeed. I like his laser focus on the economy. I like his no nonsense attitude of management. I like his decisiveness.
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Modi Wave Or Pendulum Swing?

It is interesting to me that the non-Congress, non-BJP parties collectively got more votes than either the BJP or the Congress. What is even more interesting is that the BJP has grown largely at the expense of the Congress.

I think Modi has earned himself 10 years. But in a post-Modi scenario there is going to be room for the creation of a Third Front.

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